Softarex Technologies Named One of the Best in Belarus

Softarex Technologies Named One of the Best in Belarus

Most recently, Softarex Technologies, Inc. has been included in the Clutch’s new report created by B2B ratings and reviews that recognized Belarus software development leaders with exceptional records of customer satisfaction. Last week, Clutch, the leading B2B independent ratings and reviews platform, published their annual report highlighting the top service providers in Belarus. How excited … Continued

Cloud Cognitive Services Comparing Analysis

The human brain is a powerful system capable of analyzing unstructured data sets, processing them and “making them loud and simple.” But even this “tool” does not cope with the modern information flows, so people use computers as personal assistants, both ordinary ones, and super-productive systems. However, another problem arose, specifically, the need to structure … Continued

Safety of IoT: progress, hype, headache

The Internet of Things is the same fashionable term as Cloud Technology. Similarly, it doesn’t make much sense from a technical point of view: it is a brand under which one million of different technologies are hidden. And there are even more options to use. The reason for writing this text was to encourage the … Continued

Softarex Technologies, Inc. employees collect HIPAA certificates

Hey guys! The end of the week was marked for us by a joyous event. At one stroke 4 people from Softarex Technologies, Inc. have passed on the certificates of HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Our company has been developing solutions for the Healthcare sphere for many years, and we … Continued