Learning Through Research

As part of its cooperation with higher education institutions, Softarex has launched the Initiative project. This is a special contribution to the transformation and enhancement of IT programs in Belarusian universities.

The goal of the Initiative is to create an education ecosystem where students and professors can unleash their scientific potential, enrich their knowledge of the latest technologies, and gain skills from the IT world.

The Initiative is about:

Real-life work experience for students

The Initiative is a golden opportunity for BA, MA, and Ph.D. students to acquire hands-on IT experience while studying at university on research and education projects, either offered by Softarex or their professors. Here, they can try their hand at such hot technologies as Java, Python, PostgreSQL, and ReactJS. The most proactive participants get the chance to do on-the-job training at Softarex under the guidance of the Initiative’s top experts: Ph.D. candidates and senior software engineers.

Professional development for professors

Under the Initiative, professors can realize their boldest ideas on research and education projects, take part in international conferences and forums, publish their scientific works on major research platforms, and even do internships at Softarex under the supervision of the company's top experts.

More relevant training content

The initiative enables professors to upgrade their knowledge and share fresh ideas with colleagues to enhance the outdated university course materials by including new, up-to-date information about the latest industry trends.

Funding opportunities

The best teams can apply for grants from Softarex for further research and get the chance to present their findings at international conferences and forums or publish them in well-known scientific journals.

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