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Robotics Engineer

We are looking for a Robotics Engineer to join a project in the restaurant industry. 

General requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics Engineering, or related technical field
  • 2+ years of experience in industrial automation and robotics design
  • Hands-on experience with the design and modification of hardware components (robotics and end effectors) using 3D CAD and rapid prototyping software, including Fusion 360, ROS2, etc.
  • Hands-on experience with the design and programming of PLC controllers and sensors 
  • Python programming experience 
  • Experience with systems and software level testing (Python) and validation of products incorporating hardware and software
  • Experience with the packaging of Linux and/or embedded Linux systems or otherwise built systems

Bonus points:

  • Good knowledge of mathematics, physics, motion control, and kinematics
  • Firm grasp of Computer vision
  • Strong knowledge of C++


As a Robotics Engineer, you will design kitchen robots for restaurants, using existing components and developing new ones, as well as supporting the integration of new and existing robot control software. You will also be involved in the design and development of mobile robotics platforms for restaurants.

Here are your key duties:

  • Design robotic complexes for restaurant kitchens
  • Participation in the development and assembly of prototypes
  • Prepare technical specifications for production
  • Develop and execute test plans, conduct tests
  • Evaluate the full system performance, understand the contribution of the relevant subsystems, and provide feedback to the development teams
  • Create requirements for new tools or automation to enhance overall testing capabilities
  • Participate in on-site testing at restaurants and describe equipment improvement requirements 

Working conditions:

We provide an inspiring working environment where our employees feel rewarded and engaged.

  • We expect a lot from our employees and are ready to give a lot in return. You’ll be faced with challenging, varied, non-standard projects and tasks. But at the end of the day, you’ll be proud of what you’ve done.
  • We strongly encourage the growth and development of our team. It is in your best interest to learn new languages and technologies and to implement them into existing and new projects. It won’t be unattended, and we will definitely reward you.
  • We pay a lot of attention to the health of our employees, so we offer comprehensive health insurance that also covers dental services. So drink tea with ginger and lemon, we have it year-round in the office kitchen.
  • Softarex Technologies treats each employee individually. Our HR team helps newcomers at every stage of adaptation in the company. No less attention is paid to employees who feel at home here (they literally have their own slippers).
  • Of course, that’s not all. Check out the full benefits package here and let’s get it started!

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