EHR, EMR, and PMS: why Cloud-based solution is better

EHR, EMR, and PMS: why Cloud-based solution is better

While we were reviewing Telehealth with all its subspecialties, we often mentioned Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. We think it’s time to look at them more in detail. You’re probably already familiar with EHR in some way, perhaps even your hospital has a similar system installed. The current problem with these systems is that they … Continued

Implementing Telemedicine: how to do it right

We have already discussed Telehealth, Telemedicine, their pros and cons, collaborations with Computer Vision and AI and now it is time to learn how you should implementing Telemedicine solutions into your healthcare facilities. In this article, you will find the main tips for the successful implementation of Telemedicine solutions. Barriers like the lackness of clear … Continued

Value-based care model is the future of Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic hit vulnerable populations disproportionately, in both infection and mortality rates. The crisis has laid bare these cracks in the U.S. healthcare system, underscoring that the challenges of managing this acute pandemic and the chronic disease epidemic are completely intertwined due to the lack of Value-based healthcare models. Hospitals struggle financially as they … Continued

Telehealth main challenges

In previous articles, we have discussed the possibilities of Telehealth, its subsets, and the benefits it brings to patients and providers around the world. But it is not a remedy for all problems and Telehealth challenges are what we are going to discuss.  We will try to reveal the general challenges of implementing Telehealth in … Continued

Computer Vision revamps Teleradiology and Teledermatology

This article is about the benefits and efficiency that Computer Vision brings to image-related parts of healthcare. Since we are digging deep into Telehealth, we’ve picked its two most image-based subspecialties: Teleradiology and Teledermatology. If you are not familiar with Computer Vision and the way it works — you might be interested in reading our … Continued

Telemedicine, the best of Telehealth

We continue to dive into the Telehealth sphere and this article is about the main and, probably, best part of Telehealth — Telemedicine. In the previous article, we’ve already mentioned some information about Telemedicine, as it has the same origin story when a few hospitals started experimenting with telemedicine to reach patients in remote locations … Continued

Meet Telehealth, your new friend

We’ve already mentioned Telehealth in our previous article about technologies in healthcare, but the topic is very broad, so we want to cover it more in depth. Believe us it’s worth knowing about its possibilities as soon it might become a “must-have” tool for healthcare institutions all around the world. Why so? Because the main … Continued

Pandemic Adaptation. How Hospitality and Restaurant Industries Сonform

COVID-19 has wreaked chaos on the world. It has impacted the health and wellness of millions: tested our healthcare system’s limits, restricted travel, moved schools and universities online, forced millions of people to stay home, and totally changed the way people interact with each other and forced millions people to accept new pandemic adaptation rules. … Continued

5G benefits for business and lives

This the second part of our comprehensive guide about all the different benefits which 5G gives to the world. We’ve already covered how this new technology is going to impact the gaming and sports verticals with the never-seen-before XR capabilities as well as the predicted healthcare transformation. And, of course, we address the conspiracy theories … Continued

Is 5G safe? — How 5G is improving the world, not infecting it

As the world is continually developing, the need for a new generation of the network arises itself. That is why 5G has come to the stage. It became a buzzword for many companies and you are probably facing it each day. Unfortunately, nowadays many people still have some doubts whether 5G is safe. Let’s start … Continued

The pandemic revolution. How COVID-19 will change the world

We’ve digested expert opinions across multiple verticals, doubled it with our own expertise and vision, and came up with a most likely future that we will face after the pandemic revolution. The reduction of office workers by one third, retailers are finally going online and radical renewal of health and education systems are just some … Continued

Digital healthcare will make people healthier

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed weak points and failures in the worldwide healthcare system. The number of patients affected by the virus is escalating dramatically each day, while shortages in supplies and professionals raise fears that not everyone that needs treatment will get it. Furthermore, social distancing and quarantine measures are forcing many doctors to … Continued

Technologies are helping to fight the coronavirus

Today COVID-19 is all over the news and everyone is very aware of the pandemic. This is important because the more people know — the more effective coronavirus prevention can be. Countries are closing their borders, shutting down schools and universities, prohibiting large gatherings and much more — all to contain the coronavirus spread. Compared … Continued

Airports Are Moving To the Cloud: Airport Cloud Computing

As mentioned in our previous articles, airline passenger volumes are growing at an annual frightening pace. To keep everyone in the ecosystem satisfied and secure, airports have to think about new features and technologies that help them achieve these goals. Airport cloud computing – why or why not? Moving technology to the Cloud requires careful analysis … Continued

Computer Vision: Plane Automatic Landing

Computer Vision (CV) is a field of Computer Science that works on enabling computers to see, identify, process and provide an accurate output. Just in the same way that human vision does. But, unlike humans, a properly refined Computer Vision system reduces the possibility of an output error to almost zero. And ane of the … Continued

Airport Security. Human vs Automation

The travel experience remains far from perfect — especially at the airport, where congestion, delays, operational inefficiencies, and a general feeling of stress and chaos can arise at any time. Can airport automation improve that? Airports cannot physically expand to address all these issues. Instead, the need for efficiency and convenience for ever-growing passenger volumes … Continued

Aviation Industry Digitalization

The application of AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and other technologies in the aviation industry is growing along with the demand for the next generation of airports. Aviation digitalization new approach includes creating personalized traveling experiences for customers. Airports, as well as, aircraft of the future should be large enough and smart enough to accommodate … Continued

Computer Vision in Airport Security

The use of Computer Vision in airport security has brought significant innovation to airport and plane operations. With the help of AI and Computer Vision, airports now deliver more safe and personalized experiences to their passengers and employees. From security to flight check-ins, baggage claim and even plane inspections — every step of the journey … Continued

Softarex at Web Summit 2019. Here We Go Again.

This November, the Softarex team has again attended Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon to present the updated versions of our products — FINMATEX and WAITO. Why Web Summit 2019 (again)? source: Web Summit  is considered to be one of the largest IT conferences in the world (it was Inc. magazine to say that). Whatever … Continued

Computer Vision Analysis of the Dynamic Object State

If you were following close to our blog then you likely to know quite a lot already about modern Computer vision, AI and its capabilities. If not, then it’s probably the time you should start – the world of IT develops too fast and it’s better to hold your finger on its pulse in case … Continued

Fintech Trends for 2019

2019 promises to be an interesting year for financial technology: artificial intelligence is finding its place, blockchains are going mainstream, open banking measures are starting to show results, and the 53% of the world that remains financially excluded is gaining new opportunities. Even as fears of another recession mount and the cryptocurrency markets are taking … Continued

Machine Learning: how to train a machine

Machine learning has been talked about not the first decade, but this discipline of Data Science began to develop only recently. Just look at the tremendous progress made by the Amazon or IBM Bluemix. Softarex uses their tools for researches and developments almost in each field. source Computer systems are mastering more and more abstract … Continued

Softarex at the Web Summit 2018

This November companies and startups all over the world have been heading to the main IT event of the year – Web Summit 2018, which was held in Lisbon. It’s a crucial meeting place for the world’s innovative technology companies, startups and those who interested in how these innovations can transform their businesses and lives. … Continued

Softarex Technologies Named One of the Best in Belarus by Clutch Top Digest

Most recently, Softarex Technologies, Inc. has been included in the Clutch’s new report created by B2B ratings and reviews that recognized Belarus software development leaders with exceptional records of customer satisfaction. Last week, Clutch, the leading B2B independent ratings and reviews platform, published their annual report highlighting the top service providers in Belarus. How excited … Continued

Cloud Cognitive Services Comparing Analysis

The human brain is a powerful system capable of analyzing unstructured data sets, processing them and “making them loud and simple.” But even this “tool” does not cope with the modern information flows, so people use computers as personal assistants, both ordinary ones, and super-productive systems. However, another problem arose, specifically, the need to cognitive … Continued

Safety of IoT: progress, hype, headache

The Internet of Things is the same fashionable term as Cloud Technology. Similarly, it doesn’t make much sense from a technical point of view: it is a brand under which one million different technologies are hidden. And there are even more options to use. The reason for writing this text was to encourage the discussion … Continued

IT Outsourcing Through The Eyes Of a customer and provider

New concepts always raise concerns about their use. IT outsourcing is often used in modern business, but not all organizations are familiar with it. Despite the fact that the prices for outsourcing are quite acceptable, many businessmen doubt its effectiveness. Let’s try to dispel the widespread myths about this concept. Save time and money for … Continued

Hot as a pie: Fintech trends 2018

Fintech continues to develop rapidly, and now it’s not just a crossing of finance and technology. Modern fintech trends 2018 represents not one but several areas, which, however, are often closely interrelated. Among them, we can mention the technologies of asset management, insurance, legal technologies and such subcategories as crediting, analytics, digital identification and cybersecurity, … Continued

How it was at IoT Solutions World Congress: part 2

Last week we’ve published an article about how we attended IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. But it seemed that is was not enough and we decided to write another article but dedicated to technical innovations which were presented at this exhibition. And today we would love to share the complex insight from our … Continued

Viva de Barcelona or how it was at IoT Solutions World Congress

Ruslan Matuzau, VP of Business Development, Softarex Technologies, Inc. Hello from IoT Solutions World Congress! My colleagues – Alexander Lipanov, CEO of the company, Alex Chelombitko, Head of Healthcare and Mobile Department, and I just recently came back from IoT Solutions World Congress 2016, that this year took place in sunny and hospitable Barcelona from … Continued

Softarex Technologies, Inc. employees collect HIPAA certificates

Hey guys! The end of the week was marked for us by a joyous event. At one stroke 4 people from Softarex Technologies, Inc. have passed on the certificates of HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Our company has been developing solutions for the Healthcare sphere for many years, and we … Continued

Softarex Technologies, Inc. Hits the Top IT Companies In Belarus

One year has passed since Softarex Technologies, Inc. was successfully added to Clutch’s directory of web and software development firms. And for the second year in a row, according to the latest research, our company takes the leading lines in the list of Top IT companies developers in Belarus 2017. This research is based on … Continued

Outsourcing Trends 2017 – What to expect?

Let’s say, lots of us are well versed in what is outsourcing and what are its pros and cons. You have a project but not a workforce? Not a problem, outsourcing company has. Want to develop a new product but don’t know how? Take it easy, they know how. Outsourcing is growing day by day. … Continued

Outsourcing as it is: what do we know about it

Lot’s of us have heard about outsourcing, but not so many really understand what is what. We won’t waste time in vain. Let’s go ahead directly to the subject and take a look at “outsourcing” details. Basic concept The term “outsourcing” literally means the use of foreign resources. And don’t be afraid of the word … Continued

The benefits of cloud hosting: 2016 cloud hosting survey by Clutch

According to a recent survey by leading B2B ratings and reviews site, Clutch, cloud hosting is an overwhelmingly dominant trend in the hosting sphere. Nearly 95 percent of small to medium-sized businesses say that they already use a cloud hosting service or plan to transition to one. Alexander Lipanov, CEO of Softarex Technologies, Inc. recently … Continued

Softarex is One Of Top Software Developers By Clutch IT Digest

We are proud to announce that Softarex Technologies, Inc. was recently added to Clutch IT directory of web and software development firms and has been listed as one of the Top Developers in Belarus. The research by Clutch showed that our profound technological and industry domain expertise as well as proven ability to deliver full-cycle … Continued

In-browser real-time communications – a boost button for e-Learning

Arseni Shylau, Business Development Manager, Softarex Technologies, Inc. The message is simple – if real-time communication is necessary for further development of eLearning, then In-Browser learning technology is vital to make this development light and easy. Not only for teachers and students but also… for someone else. In order to verify this message with the … Continued

Educa Berlin 2015 – Discover The Secret Of In-Browser Technology As a Facilitator Of E-Learning

Softarex Technologies, Inc., a cutting-edge custom software and web development company targeting high growth eLearning technology projects in Europe and the USA, announces its sponsorship of Online Educa Berlin 2015. Learning and training professionals will have the opportunity to discuss the latest and most innovative solutions during 2nd-4th December in Berlin, Germany. OEB conference, that … Continued

Expert system for source code analysis and improvements

Alexander Lipanov, PhD in Computer science, Softarex Technologies Inc What is a modern code quality? It is well known that quality assurance is a crucial step in the software product lifecycle. And it is not surprising that there are plenty of sophisticated concepts, approaches, standards (including ISO), models, methods, and tools aimed at facilitating and … Continued

Get ready to get busy: JavaOne Conference 2015 is coming

Softarex Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce being a Silver sponsor of JavaOne Conference. JavaOne Conferences bring Java experts and enthusiasts an extraordinary week of learning and networking focused entirely on all things concerning Java. This year the JavaOne Conference celebrates its 20th anniversary. The event will take place in San Francisco, on October 25-29, … Continued

The right way to outsource: Softarex shares expertise at IT and Business Stuttgart Trade Fair

Softarex Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce participation at IT & Business 2015, a trade fair for digital processes and solutions. The latest IT topics concerning enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise content management (ECM) and output management would be under focus at Stuttgart this autumn. From September 29th till October 1st, … Continued

Description of an Industry 4.0 system

Vladislav Medvedovskyi, Softarex Technologies, Inc. Alexander Lipanov, PhD in Computer science, Softarex Technologies, Inc. What is Industry 4.0? Industry 4.0 stems from the realization that a 4th industrial revolution is upon us. Industry 4.0 is like a fancy trend that everyone discusses but can’t give the precise definition. Besides, hardly anyone distinguishes the difference between … Continued

Objects tracking algorithm and object’s boundaries detection

Alexander Lipanov, PhD in Computer science, Softarex Technologies, Inc. Object Tracking Algorithm The aim of motion tracking is to detect changes in the positions of moving objects over time based on a sequence of images. Object tracking algorithm  is widely used for monitoring activity in public places as well as for detailed analysis of video … Continued

Softarex Technologies, Inc. commissions the new value-based healthcare solution

Softarex Technologies successfully delivered development services for the UCLA Center for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. The new eIBD solution pioneers a value-based healthcare vision for the management of chronic diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. The UCLA Center for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases provides compassionate and specialized care based on cutting edge research and innovative … Continued

Softarex is first time an exhibitor at HIMSS15

Alexandria, VA – March 30, 2015 – We are pleased to announce that Softarex Technologies Inc. will be showcasing their software outsourcing services for healthcare and medicine industry as a first-time exhibitor (Booth 7562) at HIMSS15 Annual Conference & Exhibition, April 12-16 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. “We are proud to have the opportunity to … Continued

Softarex Technologies, Inc. becomes OHT member

Softarex Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce membership in Open Health Tools (OHT) community since September 2014. Open Health Tools is an open source community of software developers that designs and develops open standards-based technology that meets interoperability requirements for early adopters. We successfully participate in developing open source software for the community. “We are … Continued

OMG technical meeting 2012

December 10-14, 2012 Sofatrex Technologies Inc. participated in the Technical Meeting OMG 2012, San Francisco USA. Founded in 1989, Object Management Group is an international, open membership, not-for-profit computer industry standards consortium. OMG Task Forces develop enterprise integration standards for a wide range of technologies and an even wider range of industries. OMG’s modeling standards … Continued