Meet our team of experienced and talented people. Constantly growing since the beginning, our team is young, energetic and dedicated to offer its very best in order to reach and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our positions are for creative, enthusiastic and results-oriented professionals, who concentrate on achieving their goals, who can overcome any obstacles, and who can turn even the most ambitious ideas into reality with the help of Information Technologies. Our employees are polite and educated people, who understand the meaning of such words as decency, honesty, and responsibility. They are the people who are very well aware of what politeness and respect to each other mean. At the same time, Softarex Technologies, Inc. provides each of its employees great opportunities for his or her personal growth and professional development, so that they can fully realize their potential and contribute even further to the success of the company and its clients.

What we offer:

  • 5-day working week, 8-hour working day, flexible schedule;
  • Official employment;
  • 25 calendar days of paid vacation;
  • Competitive salary according to qualifications and potential;
  • Comfortable office in modern business center;
  • Interesting projects that will help you to improve and develop your skills;
  • Dynamic and friendly team;

All our employees understand that there is one basic rule: The better an employee treats the company, the more the company will be doing for that employee.

If you are interested in applying or would like to know more please send your CV to or call at +375 (17) 39-303-57

PHP developer
Minsk - (Full time on side)

We need a PHP Developer to become a part of our friendly team. Join us if you are creative and purposeful, if you are not afraid of interesting projects and tasks!

General Requirements:

  • 2+ years experience in Web-development ;
  • Excellent knowledge of PHP5;
  • Experience with Yii 2.0 and Laravel frameworks;
  • Good knowledge HTML, CSS;
  • Experience with Composer (;
  • Experience with WebSockets;
  • Experience with JavaScript (Plain and JQuery), AJAX;
  • Experience with Bootstrap (;
  • Experience with ReactJS and Redux;
  • Experience with Redis;
  • Experience with MySQL/MariaDB;
  • Good knowledge of object-oriented programming;
  • Understanding of design patterns and major development methodologies;
  • Experience with version control systems (SVN, Git, etc.);
  • Ability to fast learning new technologies, ability to analyze options for possible solutions and choosing the best way of realization;
  • English - Intermediate level or higher.

As a plus:

  • Experience with XML-RPC, JSON, SOAP;
  • Experience with Unix Systems, including knowledge of nginx and apache;
  • Basic knowledge of NodeJS;
  • Ability to manage the team's processes, procedures;

C++ developer
Minsk - (Full time on side)

General Requirements:

  • 2+ year of experience;
  • Strong knowledge of C++, C++11/14, STL;
  • OOP, OOAD, Design patterns, UML;
  • Multithreading;
  • Networking;
  • IPC;
  • Knowledge of Windows and Linux internal architecture;
  • WinAPI;
  • LinuxAPI, POSIX;
  • Boost, Boost.Asio;
  • wxWidgets, Qt;
  • Video and Audio processing algorithms and libraries (if you have particular experience please list in resume such libraries);
  • Basic knowledge of pattern recognition algorithms;
  • Visual Studio, NetBeans;
  • JIRA, Jenkins, Git;
  • At least Intermediate level of English.

As a plus:

  • Knowledge of OpenCV, PCL, DLib;
  • Knowledge of DirectX and OpenGL;
  • Kernel mode drivers development;
  • User mode drivers development;
  • Basic knowledge of Python, SQL, JavaScript, Java and Bash;

Java Middle Developer
Minsk - (Full time on side)

General Requirements:

  • About 1 or more years of experience in Java development;
  • Java Core (OOP, collections, I/O, concurrency, generics, annotations, design patterns);
  • Programming Languages: JavaSE 8, JavaEE 8;
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis, Oracle, MySQL;
  • Work with DB: JDBC, JPA, Hibernate;
  • MVC frameworks: Play Framework, Spring, JSF;
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, SOAP, JSON, HTTP, FTP, WebSockets;
  • Web: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/Jquery, AJAX;
  • IDE: Eclipse/NetBeans;
  • Build tools: SBT, Maven, Ant, Jenkins;
  • Operating Systems: Windows/Linux OS family;
  • Web servers: Tomcat, Glassfish, NGINX, Undertow;
  • VCS: Git;
  • Intermediate English level;

As a plus:

  • Unit testing (JUnit, Mockito);
  • AngularJS, React;
  • Bootstrap.

Middle Front-End Developer
Minsk - (Full time on side)

General Requirements:

  • 2+ years of relevant experience in software development;
  • Experience of building application architecture;
  • Strong skills in frontend development (JavaScript ES5/ES6, HTML5, CSS3);
  • Experience of development Single Page Application (SPA) based on Angular JS (1,2), React JS solutions.

Will be a plus:

  • University degree in technical subject;
  • Experience with Node js (express);
  • Experience with MongoDB;
  • Version Control (GIT).


  • Abstract thinking;
  • Communicability.