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Data Mining

Our engineers’ fundamental knowledge in Applied Mathematics, Software Engineering, Data Analysis, Prediction Methods, and Computer Vision allows us to solve very difficult tasks in the development of specialized Data Analysis systems in the Healthcare and Energy sectors.

Softarex helps its clients find new opportunities, achieve competitive advantage, and gain deep insight from the terabytes of data generated by machines, social networks, electronic health records, patients’ health records data, and smart devices embedded in daily life. In the development of Data Analysis systems our core focus is the Healthcare sector where we provide sophisticated solutions for patients’ data analysis and predictive modeling of different situations which may occur with patients.

The development of fully functional data analysis systems involves many stages, starting from research and analysis of a particular area and finishing with software testing. Our specialists are capable of building our own data analysis systems for Predictive Modeling, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Regression Analysis, etc. Moreover, our engineers have a deep knowledge in Classification, Clustering, Anomaly Detection, Predictive Modeling, Statistics and Optimization.

Typical scenario for the development of Data Analysis systems

  • First, architects and analysts from Softarex discover data requirements, design solutions, complete the necessary scientific research and propose possible algorithms for particular tasks.
  • Our specialists in Software Development build a system as a cloud-based or a desktop application for performing data analysis.
  • Our QA specialists together with architects and analysts build special testing algorithms and approaches for verification and checking of the developed algorithms.

On the theoretical level, we use algorithms from the areas of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, BA and BI Software Development. If you are interested in learning more about our experience and knowledge in this area, please contact us.

Diagram of a typical solution for Data Analysis and Predictive Modeling

Alt Title

We use a wide range of technologies for building our Data Analysis systems including MongoDB, Cassandra, Pentaho, Oracle, PostGres, Hadoop, etc.

In the Computer Vision area, our specialists can develop various systems for you that will process and recognize video and images.

Statistical characteristics, obtained for each year
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Note: This chart shows different statistical indicators related to predictive modeling obtained from an existing patients database.
Statistical characteristics, obtained for each year
Alt Title
Note: This chart shows different statistical indicators related to predictive modeling obtained from existing patients database.