Finmatex features for Financial Organizations

The platform allows Financial Organizations to build their own branded marketplaces with products and services or manage them in the Finmatex marketplace. As a part of the platform, Financial Organizations can create and manage products and services based on our provided Product Templates. They can also use provided functional modules in their customized mobile applications built on the FINMATEX Platform.

Values for Platform Customers

Banks and Credit Unions
Financial Asset Managers
Brokerage and Trading
Insurance Companies
$1.5 mln
Can be saved on clients support in call centers
$1 mln per year
Can be saved by Financial organization in costs and employees time
From $800K
Can be saved on advertisement and new clients engagements
Up to 3 hours
Could be saved by clients per months for interactions with client’s support
+15% per year
New clients attraction rate growth in comparison to non-FINMATEX partners
Up to 30%
Clients satisfaction rate can be grown

Platform components

The platform provides a large set of functional modules and technologies for financial companies to build customized client applications: online client account or portal, trade platform, a mobile app with a large set of features, insurances selections and claiming features, and chatbot. These applications can be delivered to end users via mobile applications (is a part of the platform) and chatbots (financial products, consulting, coaching, etc).

As a part of the platform, there are ChatBot designer for creating Facebook chatbots, Google Assistant or building chatbots within mobile applications along with mobile applications features configurator.

All the tools, modules, and features of FINMATEX Platform enable a large set of functions. These functions use AI for providing unbelievable experience to Financial Organizations’ clients.

System features


Web and Mobile apps with Facebook-based chatbot for Financial organizations
Web and Mobile apps with Facebook and Google Assistant Сhatbots
Integration with external systems: Plaid, Facebook, BarChart, etc
AI-based modules with customizable consulting algorithms

Covered Fintech Trends

As we have used cut-edge technologies to create FINMATEX — it has all the latest trends and fully meets users’ requirements and even predicts them!

The platform now has the following features

  • Personal Investment Management
  • Necessary information about banking products and services search
  • Personal Finance Management: expenses/loans/savings and tools to manage bills and track personal and credit accounts
  • Wealth management — investment and wealth management platforms and analytics tools
  • Global Compliances
  • Financial education
  • Customer care Chatbots and AI implementation in fintech

In the future, we are up to enhance Finmatex with

  • Financial and investments Consulting
  • Robo trading and robo-advising
  • Lending — marketplace lending & alternative underwriting platforms
  • Cryptocurrencies and investments management — companies will leverage blockchain technologies for financial services

Application ways

Own Branded Marketplace

A financial company can create its own marketplace with products and services under its own brand based on the platform components and functions.

Finmatex Marketplace

Financial organizations can manage their products and services in FINMATEX marketplace based on the provided Products Templates. Use provided functional modules in mobile applications built on FINMATEX Platform base.

Custom Solution

We are always interested to create a customized solution based on FINMATEX platform in accordance with your business needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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