Finmatex – Fintech Platform

Platform Insides

FINMATEX Platform provides multiple configurable functional modules such as AI-based Investments and Personal Finances management with AI-based client support.

As a part of the platform, Financial Organizations can build their marketplaces backed by ChatBot assistants or create Robo-advisors for assets management. ChatBot designer is a part of the platform and can be used for building chatbots for mobile applications. These are easily managed due to ready-to-use Products Templates and chatbot designer which opens wide abilities for customizing products, its ordering automation, and customer support.

This is the out of the box solution – it quickly and smoothly integrates into an existing environment of Financial Organizations.

Necessary integration can be done by FINMATEX Team within of Starter Plan used for enabling of FINMATEX Platform. FINMATEX Platform can be customized by separate agreement with Financial organization.

Custom branded Mobile App for Your Clients

  • Marketplace with your
  • Personal finances
  • Saving and banking
  • Investments
  • AI investments
  • AI managed advisers
  • AI in Personal finance
  • and more…

Administrative Web App for Your Organisation

  • Mobile app configurations and branding
  • Financial products management to present in the mobile app
  • Chatbots designer to automate communication with your clients in the mobile app
  • AI strategies based on deep Machine Learning
  • and much more…

Platform Customers

Finmatex- fintech solution for banks
Finmatex- fintech solution for credit unions
Finmatex- fintech solution for investment funds
Finmatex- fintech solution for FINANCIAL ADVISORS

Your organization may annually save up to

on the advertisement and new clients engagements
$1 mln
on clients interactions, sales costs, consultations
$1 mln
on clients support in call centers and chats
Up to 30%
Clients satisfaction rate can be grown
+15% per year
New clients attraction rate growth in comparison to non-Finmatex partners
Up to 3 hours
Could be saved monthly by clients for interactions around financial organization's services

Mobile apps for clients

Mobile app Finmatex - fintech solutinn from softarex
Mobile banking app Finmatex - fintech solutinn from softarex
Mobile investment app Finmatex - fintech solutinn from softarex
Mobile AI-based app Finmatex - fintech solutinn from softarex

Administrative web portal

Finmatex – AI-based fintech solution - web interface
Banking page - Finmarex web-interface
web-interface for Investments
web-interface AI - features

Business Model and Custom Solutions


Administrative web app for management of your marketplace of
financial products and present them in the mobile app.

Tools for creating AI-based advisers for your mobile app
(Chatbots designer, Products Helpers manager, Customizable support and
sales channels)

AI based Investments Strategies management (Modification of existing)

Up to 5
own AI strategies
own AI strategies
own AI strategies
White labeled, custom branded mobile app for your clients
Active users, per month
Active users, per month
Active users, per month

In conclusion

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