Business need

Smart computer organism diagnostic is a modern alternative to long-stay queues. Previous days if you wanted to find diagnoses, you would have to spend up to 6 days in the institution taking tests and waiting for reception from all specialists. It was necessary to develop a system, that could replace all these “narrow” specialists and unpleasant procedures with a simple, reliable and inexpensive solution.


We have developed a measuring device with a software. This tandem conducts express diagnostics on basis of Nakatani method and processes results to identify a health status, which helps to efficiently control the treatment process of a patient.


  • The main goals were to create a system that would automatically allow the diagnosis of human reflexes and a portable device that would send data on Bluetooth and make measurings exactly according to the method of Y. Nakatani.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • The system allows getting information about the health status of individual organs and tissues of which the human body is made up;
  • Helps to recognize changes in the body’s equilibrium in advance.
  • Exposes the problem in the health violation at earlier stages than in the case of using traditional diagnostics.


Project Results

Softarex Technologies, Inc. has created Energy Points – directories with information about points which relate to some exact symptoms, for doctors working in the field of reflexotherapy. With these directories, it is possible to search for bioactive points on basis of different symptoms and signs of disease. For the creation of Automatic Reflex Diagnostics System, we relied on methods of Y. Nakatani, professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology.

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