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Today, technology is becoming the major engine of aviation. To meet the demands and expectations of modern passengers, the industry seeks to follow the current technological trends. In the coming years, such technologies as AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and IoT will be prominent for the aviation sector improving the passenger experience.

The rapid development of technology has been fueled and streamlined by the COVID-19 pandemic that led to an unprecedented crisis in the aviation industry. Since the coronavirus outbreak, the number of scheduled flights across the globe has decreased by 48 percent compared to 2019. To stay afloat and protect the health of the passengers the industry had to adapt to the strengthened travel restrictions.

To help aviation companies stay abreast of modern technological trends and accommodate the new COVID-19 safety regulations, we have developed software solutions powered by AI, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning.

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Connecting Fellow Travelers

Fellow travelers are an integral part of any flight. They can either make or break a journey. As a result, passengers may arrive at the destination exhausted and irritated. That’s why we’ve designed WAITO — an app that connects travelers with similar interests and, therefore, reshapes the whole passenger experience.

WIth WAITO, travelers can:

  • Choose seatmates that share their business or personal interests
  • Connect and interact with fellow travelers in passenger chat
  • Find a company for a layover
  • Navigate through an airport to find a place to eat or shop
  • Share a ride into a city
  • Check their flights’ details

To airports, airlines, F&B, and travel retail stakeholders, WAITO offers an extremely efficient communication channel that helps deliver a more personalized experience to passengers, grow ancillary revenues, and gives comprehensive customer insights.




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Social App for Connecting Fellow Travelers
Queue Monitoring System
Face Mask Monitoring System
Social Distancing Compliance Monitoring System

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