Mobile app for renting and offering advertisement spaces

Software and Hi-Tech

Business need

The last few years a new and quite expected trend has occurred: software users tend to switch to mobile interfaces from desktop ones. And it deals not just with simple daily routine apps that were initially aimed for a wide audience, no. People now prefer to perform way more complex activities with their smartphones: book airline tickets, prepare documents, manage customers bases and even sign important deals. In other words, business is now leaving the tight offices and being run with the small helpers, that fit in a pocket. As the result web applications that were thought to be desktop only are accessed from mobile devices, and, predictably, user experience in such cases could not be defined as pleasant.

Of course, it was just a question of time when the service providers would notice this tendency and act accordingly by moving to adaptive interfaces or providing mobile applications that accompany existing web platforms.

And this particular case was driven by this exact need – the need for being handy.


Softarex Technologies, Inc. has developed the mobile application available from both Android and iOS platforms, that accompanies existing website and allows users to access its main functionality from smartphones in a smooth and flawless way.


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The goal was to develop a mobile application that would comprise the main functionality of the existing web platform and therefore allow users to run their business even being away from their personal computers. At the same time, the application needed to be simple enough and not overloaded with excessive functions.

Value Delivered

  • The stylish and user-friendly mobile interface made service more attractive for the target audience.
  • The delivered mobile application provided a more practical way for the users to run their businesses.
  • As the result delivered solution allowed Customer to improve his competitiveness and bring the service performance on a higher level.


Project Results

    As the project result, we achieved application available for both sides of the advertisement placement business: those seeking for ad areas, and those who provide them. This is why the given app was developed with the role-based access. By registering under the role of Advertiser or Location Owner, users get access to the features that cover their specific needs.

    Here is the functionality that is available for users with the Advertiser role:

  • Profile creation. Users can register their company and add brief info on it.
  • Search for advertisement areas. Users can search for the appropriate location on the map, adjusting the results with a wide list of filters.
  • Choose favorites. Once the most suitable location for an ad is selected, users can mark it as a favorite and then get back to it through the web interface.
    Location Owners can access the following designated functionality:

  • Profile creation. Same as Advertisers, Location Owners can register their company and add as many advertisement spaces as possible, providing info, photos and pricing policy.
  • Accept requests. Location owners can look through requests, sent by Advertisers for their ad areas, and then accept them or decline.
  • Provide proofs. Once a user accepts a request, they can provide the proof, that ad was placed according to the Advertiser’s requirements.