Business need

The more people visit clinics and register for an appointment, the more forces and resources are spent on it. This situation led to the idea of creating a solution, that will significantly affect the improvement of quality and speed of treatment of patients.


The PSD – Patient Sanitary Document, is a complex system composed of many informational pieces that include general information, family sanitary history, pathologic sanitary history, examination results, visit results, and other information.

The application allows for the management of the PSDs starting at the patient’s initial registration, through each phase of his/her treatment, culminating with the patient’s final release from the hospital.


Our customer is the european network of state medical hospitals, that pays lots of attention to its patients.


The main goal was to create a management solution for all patient information during his/her hospitalization. That would help to keep all the information under control and to reduce time and paperwork.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • the introduction of the new solution led to a reduction in the volume of paper workflow;
  • it raised the speed and increased the quality of work of medical personnel;
  • now all the patients’ accompanying documents are managed and stored in one place.


Project Results

The new application provides all the necessary features for the management of various functional areas of a hospital. With this solution, it is possible to cover, from an application point of view, the entire clinical path of a patience inside a hospital.

After the new application was developed, it became not only easier to book a place in the hospital, but also get a better care and treatment for patients.

Now at any time, both doctors and customers can see all the necessary documents and the patient’s medical history without spending a lot of time on it.

The system includes the following features:

  • Patient registry management (based on the hospital booking service (HBS) and extended in terms of its features) – it got easier for bed and report management;
  • Patient accreditation (almost like the HBS only with third-party apps integration);
  • Hospital booking service (already developed into the HBS project);
  • Order entry (examination and visit management – the main part) – making an appointment at any convenient time;
  • Patient overview and medical/operator diary – this information is collected constantly.

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