Business need

It is the only non-profit organization of its kind to provide a global platform to educate, develop, inspire and positively impact careers of emerging Asian leaders around the world and across various industries – business, technology, law, medicine, arts, science, politics, and non-profits.


We’ve developed the portal for distance learning where proteges can find specialists in their areas of interests and schedule sign up for a session. What is more, the specialist can also look for their future proteges. At the end, it is a win-win project for both parties.


Our customer is the non-profit educational organization dedicated to helping talented young Asian professionals unlock their potential and become great leaders.


  • To develop software for connecting mentors and proteges all around the globe
  • To make the integration with existing VoIP solutions
  • To provide both established and young Asian professionals with a global platform for sharing stories and addressing unique challenges associated with leadership roles.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • we’ve managed to improve the stability of the portal;
  • expand the existing functionality and added a new one;
  • mentor and protege can find each other on the portal in terms of interests, specializations, colloquial languages;
  • they can reserve dates for communication, as well as choose a platform for communication (Skype, cocoa, mobile call or other means of communication).


Project Details

Increased stability of the application, added functional booking sessions, email notification functionality for upcoming sessions for the mentor and proteges, added group sessions between one mentor and several protégés, a system of ratings of completed sessions, visualization alternative ways of communication: Skype, Line, Kakao, Wechat, and phone; redesign of the user page, improved administrator functionality.

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