Portal for Smart Metering Management and Electricity Billing

Energy and Manufacturing

Business need

Basically, there are some meter reading companies, that check out meters one time per year and then make out the heat-cost invoice. The idea was to develop a platform, that will do all the meter readings daily and automatically without hidden costs.


Smart Metering is the future for energy suppliers. With the new system meter readouts can be carried out at any time and fulfill upcoming regulations. The supplier can give transparency and thereby obtain trust from tenants and housing industries in the service.


Our Customer is a German company that operates all over Europe. Both co-founders and managing directors wanted to develop the new effective portal for the Smart Metering Management and Electricity Billing.


  • The main goal was to develop such a system, that would allow managing the metering without any manual readouts.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • real-time information on the energy consumption of a building;
  • monthly billing and high transparency for tenants about energy consumption;
  • easy to install and use for every service provider;
  • getting the invoice monthly with a clear explanation of what you are paying for;
  • all operations carried out remotely without laying wires.


Project Results

After the implementation of new solution users have an access to the following functionality:

  • SaaS-solution, which gives owners and end users the opportunity to access billing information;
  • user and meter management;
  • uninterrupted mobile software for receiving information from all the meters.

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