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Business need

Due to the large and complex nature of healthcare business processes, it became evident that daily processing of patients’ paper records consumes a great amount of working time. It was important for the Customer to have a fast and effective solution that would automate all daily, time-consuming operations, increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Softarex Technologies, Inc. has developed and implemented a comprehensive web-based Medical Practice Management and Medical Billing Software solution, which was built from the ground up with a clinical focus.


Our Customer is a well-known American medical billing organization with operations all over the USA. The company provides its clients with efficient medical billing and credentialing services.


  • To create a solution fully satisfying Meaningful Use (Stages 1 and 2) regulations.
  • To train doctors and clinicians in operating a new web-based Electronic Health Record Platform (including training of lower-level staff and nurses on executing meaningful use tasks).
  • To create a solution that emphasized security access level measurements and created business and workflow rules to ensure quality data input standards.
  • To provide preloaded templates for over 25 specialties, all of which can be easily customized.
  • To engage a multidisciplinary implementation team comprised of both clinicians and dedicated IT staff.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • the implementation of the new solution allowed the Customer to improve its competitiveness, compliance and efficiency;
  • due to instant access to anyone’s chart with all up-to-date information, the Customer reduced time expenses by 30%;
  • the implementation of the new solution resulted in a 85% reduction in paper workflow;
  • meaningful Use (Stages 1 and 2) regulations satisfaction for the new developed solution.


Project Results

The new EHR solution provides all the necessary features for managing the business side of small and medium-size medical practices and medical billing service providers. Due to different security levels, this system can improve the quality of patient care and safety. With intuitive and per-user customizable Microsoft style interface, it became possible to facilitate daily workflow and reduce time expenses on paper filings. The EHR solution developed by Softarex Technologies, Inc. included the following features:

  • EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system capable of storing and displaying information in compliance with ICD10, CPT/HCPCS, NDC codes;
  • User Authorization: Only verified users were permitted to access the application;
  • Role-based access levels: All users were divided into multiple groups with different access rights;
  • Multiple security levels: The set of privileges were defined for each user;
  • Users can extract detailed data on financial performance or patient information;
  • Patient dashboard allowing users to search, drill down and even update the presented information – saving time, streamlining workflow, maintaining the accuracy of records and focusing user’s actions on the positive outcome of key metrics;
  • Patients’ demographics capture: administrative medical staff can operate with all patients’ information directly in EHR, including creating and managing profiles;
  • Insurance eligibility verification: the possibility to confirm patients’ insurance status;
  • Patient history file: chronological display of doctors and patients interactions, including the possibility to schedule consultations and appointments and track upcoming patient visits;
  • Drug Prescription: rich set of possibilities to specify drugs prescription details;
  • Diagnostics, treatment and allergies display for each patient;
  • Reminder: automated reminders of any kind (e-mail, SMS, voice message) about scheduled tasks or upcoming events;
  • Reports and Statistics: a powerful analytics tool for real-time graphical representation of compliance with the relevant clinical objectives;
    Data import/export: supporting formats include PDF, XLS, RTF, HTML;
  • Calendar: the possibility to schedule and manage events (appointments), track upcoming patient visits, set the parameters for calendar events, adjust and send out notifications;
  • Tasks: allows to assign tasks and track their completion;
  • Super Bills: set of possibilities to review rendered services (time and costs) and forward this information to a billing service provider for further processing;
  • Integrated Scanner: possibility to scan patient-related documents (IDs, insurance cards, etc.) directly into the patient’s account and speed up the process of transferring patient’s information.

On top of the above functionality, flexible and quick search capabilities were provided including a keyword search and custom filtering that could easily be applied to the results for all objects. In addition, this project highlighted many of the challenges that stakeholders were facing on the ground in their efforts to develop new models of healthcare. For example, it was quite challenging to train lower-level staff and nurses on executing meaningful use tasks and to engage multidisciplinary implementation team comprised of both clinicians and dedicated IT staff.

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