FINMATEX Platform Structure

Mobile Application

Platform Management

Chatbot Designer

Product Designer

Mobile Application — a fully customizable app for your clients

  • A full set of necessary banking services
  • A marketplace with your financial products for taking online orders
  • Personal finance management features
    • Budgeting and saving
    • Financial goals and progress tracking
    • Investment management
    • AI in Personal finance
  • White-label or custom branded
  • Uploaded to the App Store and/or Google Play

Platform Management — a web application accessible to your employees

  • Bank products design and management
  • Management of financial products available in the mobile app
  • Chatbots designer
  • Bank users management
  • ATM management
  • Deployed on your servers
  • Platform customization (including mobile application) upon your request for an additional fee

Chatbot Designer — a visual, no-code tool for designing consulting and products selection chatbots.

  • Multiple chatbots support
  • The ability to add pictures, links, create forms and workflows
  • Bank products ordering with the set-up options

Product Designer — a visual tool for creating bank products.

  • Multiple products support
  • Products management
  • Connection of products selection in chatbots
  • User orders processing

Features for Financial Organizations

At Softarex, we understand how hard it is today for financial organizations to stand out in the market and keep ever-demanding customers satisfied and loyal. Therefore, we’ve furnished the FINMATEX Platform with all the necessary features to help you provide high-quality, reliable service individually tailored to the needs of your customers.

With FINMATEX Platform you can:

  • Configure modules for your mobile app;
  • Get a white-label mobile app for your organization and customize it to your brand’s image
  • Set info about your company
  • Build custom chatbots for your mobile app
  • Manage your customers and employees
  • Integrate your application with Plaid and Yodlee (it requires linking your organization to one of these providers)
  • Create bank products using available templates or create them from scratch using the product app and marketplace modules
  • Manage ATM and branch locations
Laptop Laptop

Chatbot Designer



You can create chatbots covering:

  • Consulting — smart recommendations about products and services
  • Customer surveys and in-app products selection
  • Bank products ordering


  • Codeless, visual-only chatbot development
  • Chatbot templates for credit cards
  • Integration with Products Designer
  • Integration with your mobile application

Product Designer


Using this part of the FINMATEX Platform, you can create products and specify their detailed descriptions. This data is the basis for AI-driven products selection, comparison, ordering in the in-app marketplace, and in-chatbot marketplaces.


  • Short product description for the in-app marketplace
  • Full product description for the in-chatbot marketplace
  • Templates for credit cards
  • Numeric and text fields for product description
  • Numeric tables
  • Products parameters
  • Product logo
  • The ability to connect products to the in-app and in-chatbot marketplaces


  • Codeless products creation
  • Flexible products descriptions with a wide set of parameters
  • Integration into chatbots and mobile applications

Mobile App Banking Features

All necessary features of a modern mobile application:

  • Biometric/passcode login
  • Accounts info
  • Transactions info
  • External accounts and transactions via Yodlee and Plaid
  • ACH, Wire, P2P, and Scheduled transfers.
  • Bill payment
  • Mobile check deposit
  • ATM/branch location management
  • Push notifications
  • Information about loyalty points
  • Video and text chat — an optional feature, available if the platform is integrated with Zoom, Twilio, or a custom solution
  • Voice banking — a feature that requires your organization to have a Twilio account and can process only a limited number of orders
  • Bank products view — information about products and online ordering, easily customized to your needs

Personal Finance Features

  • Budget creation and control
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Financial goals and progress tracking
  • Expenses monitoring, savings tips
  • Transactions and transfers categorizer
  • Manual modification and division of categories
  • Reports:
    • Net worth
    • Spending
    • Income
    • Debt
    • Interest paid
    • Top payees
    • Stock position
    • Stock portfolio
  • Retirement goal and savings calculators

Using this module we have developed our own mobile personal finance management application.

AI-based Features for FINMATEX Mobile App

AI in Personal Finance:

  • Reports analysis
  • Budget analysis and control
  • Alerts and recommendations about user spending
  • Debt plan

AI in Consulting:

  • Voice banking
  • Bank products selection and ordering
  • Consultation on banking products

FINMATEX Platform Security

FINMATEX Platform meets the most relevant international security and privacy standards:


Compliance: the platform follows privacy and security standards such as ISO 27001 & SOC 2


End-to-end encrypted and authenticated communication


Biometric login


Full traceability of operations​


Multi-factor authentication