Product manager/BA

Minsk, Belarus

We are looking for a Product Manager in Banking and Personal Finances for the Fintech project.


  • Control of the entire process for fintech product development and launch on the market
  • Functional requirements development for WEB application, mobile apps, AI, chatbots
  • Maintenance of documentation in Confluence
  • Researching API platforms for integration
  • Creation of User Stories and description of algorithms for backend
  • Writing PRD
  • Participating in Mockups creation
  • Participation in the backlog creation, work schedule planning
  • Participation in sprint planning, development process control, and acceptance testing
  • Communications with the development team
  • Requirements changes tracking in Confluence
  • Participation in the development of chatbots (text, structure)
  • Work with the legal team for preparation of Privacy Policy, TOS, agreements, regulations
  • Competitors analysis (platforms, chatbots, applications)
  • Product and technology trend analysis
  • Product Research: Analysis of user needs and user’s feedback analysis
  • Product Promotion (B2B, B2C):
    • Work together with the Marketing team for the creation of promotional materials, press releases, etc.
    • Cooperation with the Sales and Marketing departments
    • Keeping a register of potential B2B buyers
    • Participation in webinars together with the Sales team
    • Participation in articles and training materials creation
    • Product Economics, information collection, analysis of financial and activity metrics, etc.

General requirements:

  • Higher professional education in the field of Informatics, Software Engineering, Applied Mathematics, System Analysis, or Electrotechnical Engineering;
  • A minimum of 2 years experience in business analysis or a related field (QA, Accounting, Project manager);
  • Knowledge of methods for collecting, evaluating, and analyzing requirements;
  • Upper-intermediate English level for reading, communication with customers, and documentation of business requirements and specifications;
  • Knowledge and understanding of software development methodologies (esp. Agile, etc.) & technologies;
  • Basic knowledge about banking products and processes, personal finances, etc.
  • Interest in the banking sphere
  • Knowledge of UX/UI design principles
  • Basic knowledge of Internet Marketing
  • Knowledge of development stages and principles
  • Conducting surveys and A/B testing
  • Understanding the principles of chatbots development
  • Business Analysis Skills

Working conditions:

We provide an inspiring working environment where our people feel rewarded and engaged.

  • We expect a lot from our employees – and in return, we are also willing to give a great deal. You will challenge difficult, diverse, non-standard projects and tasks. But at the end of the day, you’ll be proud of what you’ve done.
  • We strongly encourage the initiative of growth and development of our guys. It is in your best interest to learn new languages and technologies and to implement them into existing and new projects. It won’t be unattended and we will definitely reward you.
  • We pay great attention to the health of our employees, so we offer wide health insurance, which also includes a dentist. And better drink tea with ginger and lemon, we have it the year round.
  • Softarex Technologies provides only personal attitude to employees. Our HR team helps the newbies at every step of adapting in the company. No less attention is paid to employees who feel here like at home (literally having their own slippers here).
  • Of course, that’s not all at all. Check the full benefits package here and let’s get it started!

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