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Coding your success


Softarex Technologies, Inc. is a place where new ideas and products are being created. Along with our customers, we develop and deliver business, technology and digital solutions that meet their expectations, enabling them to achieve goals and competitiveness.

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Scientific research activities

Software Engineering

  • Source code analysis and improvements
  • Automated intellectual source code modification and refactoring
  • SOA architectures analysis and optimization

Computer Vision, Pattern
Recognition and 3D Simulation

  • Real-time video stream recognition systems
  • Static images analysis and OCR
  • Processes management based on computer vision
  • Augmented reality
  • Interactive 3D scenes modeling systems


Most trendy and fast-growing areas of knowledge can serve your business and accelerate it. For a number of years, Softarex Technologies Inc. has been developing its expertise tracking latest achievements and implementing them to our working methodologies.

Achievements and results

Energy and Utilities Financial Technologies Internet of Things and Manufacturing E-Learning and Communications Healthcare and Medicine Select Expertise

Energy and Utilities

More than a 1 000 000+ of gas meters are served daily from metering data processing thanks to Softarex Technologies, Inc.

More than 20 000+ energy-conscious homeowners are using our software for metering and billing of consumed electricity, water and gas.

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Financial Technologies

Day by day we educate thousands of consumers to make smarter financial decisions, offer new avenues for loans, provide compliance assistance, and encourage investment. Now all the people can become financially educated.

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Internet of Things and Manufacturing

More than 30+ companies all around the world have increased their productivity up to 20% on average with automation solutions that we have developed. With our Energy Management System, more than 20% of energy is saved on a daily basis.

10 000+ end users are served yearly with our Energy Management System. We already have developed and implemented 20+ CRM, SCM, HR and ERP Systems, used all over the world.

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Healthcare and Medicine

Thousands of patients are served in hospitals of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Napoli with our Electronic Health Records and Patients Management software.

Hundreds of thousands processed claims per year for insurance companies through our medical billing software.

Successful deployment of newest eHealth and telemedicine technologies for patient engagement into health monitoring and communications with doctors.

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E-Learning and Communications

We are proud that today Top 100 IT companies are using our educational products worldwide. And it’s only the beginning!

5 000+ of students daily use our cross-platform remote desktop software for a wide range of engineering and educational tasks, that helps to become even smarter.

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What our customers say

  • We hired Softarex Technologies, Inc. for a large, complex development project. They did an excellent job. The project was done on time and on budget. We continue to work them on new projects.

    Kevin Woodward, ReadyTech Corporation President
  • What I found extremely interesting in Softarex Technologies, Inc. it is the possibilities to use wide range of technologies and each time get the same quality and time-requirement! I strongly suggest cooperating with Softarex Technologies, Inc.!

    Carmine Mattera, CTO of ArtenSys S.r.l.
  • Softarex Technologies, Inc. deliver “what” they promise “when” they say they are going to complete a job and that is a great thing. Most business people “over promise” to get your money, and then they “under perform”. I appreciate your great work and professionalism. You have earned my trust! Keep doing what you are doing and you will build your business with great success.

    Marc R. Bakerman, President and Founder of The Child I.D. Program, Inc.
  • We’ve been working with Softarex Technologies, Inc. team for over two years. These guys have brought us from the Stone Age to the Digital Age. Their team has developed the state-of-the-art billing and information management software for SYBE as well as web-based Clinic Management Software for SYBE’s clients. Both solutions are at the cutting edge, meeting all the requirements and standards: ANSI 835, 837; Meaningful Use; HIPAA, HL 7 and ODBS compliant; ICD 10 Diagnostics, CPT/HCPCS, NDC numbers; CMS-1500 claims, etc.

    Steven Garret, President of SYBE Medical Management