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Softarex Services: Software Outsourcing
Software Outsourcing

Managers, Programmers, Designers, QA, Technical writers

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Softarex Services: Data Mining
Data Mining Systems

Design and development web based, distributed and mobile systems for data analysis and predictive modeling

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Softarex Services: Custom Software Development
Software Development

Application, Product, Cloud, Saas, Web, Mobile, Desktop, Embedded systems

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Softarex Services: Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Functional, UI, Black-box, White-box, Unit, Regression, Stress, Perfomance, Configuration, Compatibility

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Most trendy and fast-growing areas of knowledge can serve your business and accelerate it. For a number of years Softarex Technologies Inc. has been developing its expertise tracking latest achievements and implementing them to our working methodologies.

Our Products

Source code analyzing and improving tool

codeNforcer is a next generation software product for source code analysis and review based on source code metrics. With codeNforcer you can dramatically decrease time for source code review during refactoring, reengineering and white box testing. codeNforcer is a software product which provides software developers clear and concrete recommendations for improving their source code on different levels.

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Online entertainment and booking system is a universal online booking system and online social network. It is a unique system for both entertainers and talent buyers. online booking system takes advantage of the global network abilities to organize and connect the fragmented marketplace of entertainers into extensive searchable online database that is consumer focused and easy-to-use.

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Innovative Technologies to Improve Your Business

Our R&D team is a successful collaboration of collective creative minds and scientific approach towards future technologies. We apply our capabilities and insights to advances in farsighted IT opportunities. We obviously see a need for a different kind of technology, that’s why we create our products based on deep expertise and the spirit of invention. Being true-hearted to this spirit means keeping an eye looking toward the future.

Industry Recognition

Softarex is Oracle Gold Partner
Softarex Technologies Inc. is a member of the Open Health Tools (OHT) community
Softarex Technologies, Inc. is a member of NVTC (Northern Virginia Technology Council) Member
Softarex Technologies, Inc. and Modeliosoft (France) have signed a partnership and cooperation agreement


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Methods, Tools and Approaches for Source Code Analysis and Quality
Methods, Tools and Approaches for Source Code Analysis and Quality

If you ask any person involved in software development, whether it is important to keep quality of software high, you will get a quite predictable answer: “Yes, certainly.” At the same time, if we take a look at real projects and examine how software is being developed, we will see a completely different situation. In practice, it turns out that the importance of this issue is often neglected.

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