The Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development

The Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a third party to perform required services. 

Some of the world’s most successful software development companies – we’re talking Microsoft, Apple, IBM – are doing so. The fast-moving startups also adopt this practice. 

In this blog post, we’ll share 4 undeniable benefits of outsource software development. 

It’s Cheaper 

A Manpower Group’s study revealed that 72.8% of employers have a hard time seeking eligible applicants, and 45% of employers are worried about finding workers with the skills they need. Hiring an in-house development team also takes time and the total cost of hiring varies greatly depending on region.

Outsourcing, however, lets you reduce those recruitment and operational costs. That said, it gives you more resources to focus on core business, like adding new features, forming brand strategy, seeking investment opportunities, and so one. Deloitte reports that 70% of companies choose to outsource their software development projects to save costs.

Quick Time-to-Market 

Today’s competitive business environment dictates its own rules. Great ideas are already taken by various talented teams around the world, and none of them has much time to turn them into products. As Entrepreneur and Techstars say, it’s unlikely to come up with a unique idea that no one from the startup world has already tried.While an in-house team might not be skilled enough to develop the software needed, outsource specialists already have the right skill set and experience, and are ready to start developing the product. 

They will certainly bring new perspectives, as working in outsourcing requires being in touch with the latest technology and trying new approaches. Why? Well, these teams work on projects from different industries, with different budgets, and for different markets. For example, we’ve been doing projects for Healthcare, Restaurants & Hospitality, Finances, Transportation, and have an experience to help businesses grow and streamline processes.  

Before hiring an outsourcing team, you can examine their history and portfolio to see if it’s the perfect match for your needs. We’ve written about the importance of doing a background check on your partner and other important points before starting your software development.


The development team typically includes a Solution Architect, Project Manager, Product Manager, API Developer, App Developer, Designer, DevOps, and a Business Analyst. Having an in-house developer or other specialists for a single project isn’t really practical, as  your company may not always need all of these resources. When the need for software development is gone, you’ll either have to keep them on payroll, fire them, or spend time on finding new projects for them, which takes time and costs money. Outsourcing software development gives you the freedom to hire a team for a specific project.

Scalability & Ongoing support

As your business grows and constantly evolves, so does the software you use: you may need to add more features, come up with new UX/UI strategy, adjust the design, and so on. An outsourced software development provider will not only create it, but ensure you can rely on them in case you need additional support, explanation or bug fix. 

Most software development companies are working on a 24/7 support plan and team members that are available in your timezone. At Softarex, we’ve been working globally since 2000, and we understand the importance of quick communication. Our customers get their questions answered instantly, including on the weekend. 

Finding a reliable partner

One of the challenges of outsourcing is finding a reliable outsourcing partner you can trust. At Softarex, we have 22 years of experience in full-stack development of high-quality IT-solutions for various industries. Have a look at our portfolio and feel free to contact us if you have an idea for your next project.