Services: Computer Vision Engineering

Enable your Business to ‘See’ and ‘Think’

Computer vision has opened up new ways of processing and interpreting visual information. Today, software solutions powered by computer vision technology are used across multiple industries, including Sports, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Security, to automate routine tasks, reduce operating costs, continuously monitor daily operations, and much more.

At Softarex, we develop computer vision algorithms that allow applications to identify and classify physical objects with the accuracy of the human eye, analyze what they ‘see’, and draw helpful conclusions from it.

Since computer vision is a relatively new and rapidly growing technology, our team seeks to keep abreast of the latest trends and best practices to apply them to the company’s projects. We also conduct our own scientific research in various subdomains of computer vision, including:

  • Pattern recognition systems
  • Robotics management systems
  • Real-life systems managed using computer vision
  • Real-time video stream recognition systems

Softarex’s computer vision services include:

  • Identifying clients’ business needs and figuring out ways of computer vision algorithms implementation
  • Design and development of computer vision software
  • Designing a mounting plan for computer vision system components
  • Selection of computer vision algorithms
  • Building a prototype to test concepts and algorithms
  • Development of new algorithms, if necessary
  • Selection, development, and training of neural networks
  • Implementation of the computer vision software into production
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