Talents are our most valuable asset

At Softarex, we believe that the key driver to business success is our team, where each member is a real talent, a qualified specialist, diligent, disciplined, responsible, and honest person.

With that in mind, we always put our talents at the center of all company’s processes and promote their growth and development.

Softarex maintains a nurturing and productive work environment, motivates employees to achieve better results, and provides fair rewards for good performance.

Our People and Talent Management System

Rewards and Recognition

Softarex recognizes each employee’s achievements by means of monetary and non-monetary rewards. For that purpose, we have introduced the Compensation system, the Employee grading system with social policy, and the Employee competency system.

Professional and personal development

Softarex supports employee professional and personal development. All employees are encouraged to create and follow individual development plans to enhance and build skills needed for excellent job performance and new roles in the company. We regularly organize in-house meetups, conferences, workshops, and training to help our staff expand their knowledge, talents, and abilities. Besides, we welcome employees' participation in training activities outside the company.

Employee involvement

Softarex acknowledges and appreciates employee contribution to the company's success. We encourage staff to apply their best ideas, expertise, and efforts to improve business processes as a way to help us fulfill our mission.

Office environment

Softarex constantly improves the office environment and ensures that it has all the necessary equipment and meets safety & security standards.

Friendly atmosphere in the workplace

Softarex does its best to maintain a friendly work environment, where all employees feel respected and appreciated.