Services: Digital Transformation Advisory

Stress-Free Digital Transformation of Your Business

Many businesses and organizations are faced with situations when they understand that they cannot move forward without transformation and digitalization of their current business but they do not understand how to do this. Yes, this is a really complex and challenging task to design and implement all digital transformation even to small organizations but for medium and large this becomes more complex.

Digital transformation includes many stages that take time and require participation of different experts and engineers. Engineers from Softarex are ready to use all their expertise for moving your organization to the upper stair in the Digital Age.

  • Learn your business and understanding of digital transformation needs
  • Design Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Identify key points and road map for digital transformation
  • Design detailed plans for every stages
  • User Experience design
  • Cloud, Mobile, IoT, Big Data, AI/ML, Computer vision strategies identification and definition (depending on particular needs)
  • Define Digital transformation process, approaches, plans, budgets, equipment
  • Software engineering of defined software systems
  • Data analysis, AI, ML implementation and testing
  • Components deployment and implementation
  • Quality assurance process
  • Security testing and vulnerabilities elimination

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