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Kick-start Your Career in IT

Softarex actively cooperates with universities. We have opened IT-Guru — training and research laboratories, where 2nd-4th year students can receive free training in the latest software development technologies.

Also, to help prepare students for life after class, we offer them the opportunity to do on-the-job and pre-graduation internships at Softarex. It gives them a clear picture of what modern IT companies actually do, what projects they develop, and what technologies they use.

The most high-performing graduates of IT-Guru can get a chance to join Softarex.

IT-Guru What Will You Get?

IT-Guru courses cover the basics and beyond of programming — both theory and practice. During classes, students do individual practical assignments close to tasks of real-world IT projects under the guidance of our mentors.

IT-Guru courses at a glance:

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IT-Guru is a real chance to learn from professionals! Lab mentors are Softarex’s top engineers who have multi-year experience in IT and work on the company's major projects.
IT-Guru provides students with a unique opportunity to gain practical IT experience and skills you can’t get in a classroom. This will give them a competitive advantage over other recruits in the future.
The best IT-Guru students are offered to join the Softarex team. That’s a great chance to start a career in IT while studying or right after graduation!
Are you passionate about technology? Do you feel you’ve got everything you need to make a good programmer? Then IT-Guru is for you!
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