Study at IT-Guru

What is that?

IT-Guru Lab is a joint training, research, and development laboratory of Softarex Technologies, Inc. and the Belarussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR). The lab provides Information Technology courses for students starting from the second and up to the fifth year, inclusive.

What is it for?

IT-Guru Lab courses deliver the basics and beyond in the following languages: Java, JavaScript, C++, PHP. It’s a unique opportunity for students to focus on the practical and theoretical dimensions of the subject absolutely free of charge.
IT-Guru Lab courses at a glance:

  • Master the latest technologies by completing educational technical assignments
  • Expert recommendations and assistance from our technical specialists
  • Employment opportunities in the company for the best graduates

What will you get?

Your future lecturers are the leading engineers of our company who will share their practical experience. Valuable teachings you will not find in any textbook.

Without experience, you won’t get a job. Without a job, you won’t get experience. A vicious circle of life. But it’s okay, we will show you the way around this.

Students with excellent results and a great desire to prove themselves will have the chance to continue their employment with Softarex Technologies, Inc.

When the power of information technology is growing day by day, and the excitement around the IT industry is gaining momentum, many people want to know the features of programming and all the latest technologies. If you decide to do programming and want to take a deep dive into this fast paced development environment, then IT-Guru is for you.

Why IT-Guru?

Lectures by

Automation and
advanced training

Modern educational
and methodological base

Deep IT industry

Author's methods
of teaching

How to get in?

1. Application

Apply for the course you are interested in.

2. Testing

Pass a test to determine the level of your knowledge.

3. Interview

Have an interview with one of the сourse lecturers.

4. Course

If all goes well, see you soon in the rank of lucky ones on the course.

Get started

PHP Development
HTML, CSS; Object-oriented programming; PHP 7; Yiiframework 2.0.x; Bootstrap; Сomposer; WebSockets; Redis; Javascript, AJAX; Ratchet (websockets and redis client); MySQL and PostgreSQL
Java App Development
Basic concepts (collections, exception handling, etc.); Java EE (Servlets, JSP); Web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery); DB (SQL, Hibernate, PostgreSQL); Play Framework (scala-templating).
JavaScript Development
React JS; HTML5; CSS3; W3C standards; Bootstrap; SASS; Cross-Browser markup; Adaptive, Responsive markup; JavaScript ES5/ES6; GIT.

Get in Touch

If you are interested to join us but have some questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us at or fill the form below:

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