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For over 20 years, Softarex has been developing various custom software solutions for the manufacturing and energy industries.

Our concept of industrial manufacturing combines our design-to-value framework with fulfillment execution systems, shop floor incident reporting systems, and shop floor analytics. Based on the core manufacturing and enterprise systems, our analytics-heavy solutions make industrial manufacturing more intelligent, responsive, and efficient. They help modernize business processes and connect existing systems with modern technologies, streamlining operations and ensuring effective communications across enterprises.

Our infrastructure solutions allow users to improve capacity planning and asset utilization, reduce downtime and waste, thus creating huge financial benefits.

We develop modern solutions for the manufacturing and energy industries using the following technologies:

Cloud computing
The majority of our solutions are cloud-based. When developing them, we use SOA and Microservices approaches.
Mobile applications
Today, almost every IT project involves creating a mobile application. Apps are developed for such industries as healthcare, restaurant business, manufacturing, security, banking, and many others. All of them use the cloud to store and process data.
IoT and low level
Almost all modern devices — from cars to energy meters — that have Internet access, can transfer data over a network and be controlled remotely. The development of software for such devices requires solid expertise in a wide range of areas — from developing drivers for operating systems to high-load cloud-based data processing systems.
Manufacturing and Energy
Manufacturing and Energy

Key directions in the development of applications for the manufacturing industry can be divided into the following groups:

  • ERP systems— manufacturing management systems, inventory management
  • Business management systems — accounting, HR, CRM, SCM
  • Design systems — CAD systems
  • Manufacturing control systems
  • Equipment control and management systems, including CNC machine control systems
  • Non-destructive testing systems
  • Security monitoring systems.
  • Embedded systems, including HVAC and lighting management systems
  • IoT solutions for connecting and controlling various equipment via the Internet
  • Equipment testing systems

The manufacturing and energy industries usually face similar challenges. Except that the energy industry also needs solutions for remote reading of electricity, heat and water meters, and real-time equipment monitoring and control. Moreover, systems for the design and manufacturing process control are not applied in this sector. However, both industries require high-performance and reliable software. This is the key to the development of software for the industry. We have developed solutions that help address the following challenges:

Selected Projects: Manufacturing and Energy

Selected Projects: Manufacturing and Energy

  • Intellectual Environmental Monitoring
  • PLC device testing and configuration software
  • Lighting Control System
  • Smart Metering Management System
  • Web-based HVAC management system
  • IoT-based Management Systems for water pumps
  • Real-time Manufacturing and Maintenance Control
  • HMI Technological Processes Design and Testing Software
Intellectual Environmental Monitoring

A robust hardware and software system designed for complex environmental monitoring applications.

  • Monitors, collects, and analyzes various environmental parameters and displays results on a smartphone
  • Customizable scenarios for managing, collecting, storing, and visualizing information
  • Monitored Parameters: Air Humidity, Air Temperature, Ammonia (NH3), Atmospheric Pressure, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon, Monoxide (CO), Combustible Gases (LPG), Dust Levels, Ethyl Alcohol, Hydrogen (H2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • Compatible with most IoT devices
PLC device testing and configuration software

This PLC testing software enables manufacturing facilities to produce PLC devices, configure them on fabric and test them on the final stage of production.

Lighting Control System

The application enables a highly effective, customizable, and manageable environment lighting system that can be controlled via a mobile phone. The solution uses programmable logical controllers (PLC) in conjunction with a special controller implementing the DALI interface and a GPRS module.

Smart Metering Management System

A smart SaaS portal that reads daily home meters and creates heating-cost invoices without any hidden charges:

  • A device-independent, cost-effective, and fully automated solution for remote readouts, management, processing, transmission, and storage of the consumer data from multiple smart meters connected via OMS 2.0 and LORAWAN standards
  • Performs all operations remotely and wirelessly
  • Users can read meters and fulfill upcoming updates with their mobile phones at any time
  • Initiates trust between tenants/housing industries and suppliers by making meter reading more transparent
Web-based HVAC management system

Our web-based system helps manage engineering systems at any distance from any mobile device.

  • The software is based on the AutoSCADA standard solution and enables working with controllers from different manufacturers
  • Allows instant connection to services without unnecessary financial expenses on the part of the client
  • The web server is fully adapted to the work algorithms and embedded in configurable controllers
Web-based HVAC management system
IoT-based Management Systems for water pumps
  • Manages water pump operations, optimizes, and reduces costs for water supply stations
  • Collects information from pumps about current settings, sets required amounts of water consumption and calculates changes of pumps’ working parameters
  • Utilizes multiple programmable logic controllers (PLC) working in real time
Real-time Manufacturing and Maintenance Control
  • Controls manufacturing and assembling areas via cameras
  • Automatizes production line workflow, predicts its failures and prevents possible congestion, counts and monitors objects throughout the assembly lines, etc
  • Analyzes workers’ movements, controls workers’ actions, tracks, and controls details and blocks, etc
HMI Technological Processes Design and Testing Software

A web application that enables developing HMI technological processes via functional blocks of elements that manage real-life manufacturing systems and sensors. These functional blocks, written in LBD, ST, and other IEC 61113 languages, are automatically translated into JavaScript and transferred to a PLC. It allows users to configure elements on a touch screen PLC and adjust manufacturing processes accordingly. This approach can also be used for building HVAC and lighting systems managed via web applications and PLC. The picture below shows the scheme for the HVAC system created in the application and loaded to PLCs implemented in the building.

HMI Technological Processes Design and Testing Software

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