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Get the Most out of Your Business Data

As a data science company with 20+ years of experience, Softarex is dedicated to enabling businesses across sectors to gain useful insights from petabytes of unstructured data sitting on their servers to make smarter, more informed decisions every day.

We offer a wide range of data science engineering services. When developing software, we apply industry best practices and our own expertise in the latest technology such as:

Artificial intelligence — a technology that enables computers to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. Using AI, we develop custom software solutions that help companies better understand their customers, improve and accelerate decision-making, save time by automating day-to-day operations, eliminate human error, and increase productivity.

Machine learning and Deep learning — a subfield of AI that gives computers the ability to ‘learn’ from data, and make their own decisions based on what they have ‘learned’. Softarex’s systems powered by ML and DL empower businesses to keep an eye on daily processes in real time and quickly react to emergencies. For example, our smart Production Monitoring Systems collect valuable shop floor data from video cameras and IoT devices and instantly notify managers of line stoppages, equipment failures, downtime, workplace incidents, and other problems.

Data analysis — the practice of examining sets of raw data to draw useful conclusions that support informed decision-making. We create software that allows businesses to extract valuable insights into performance, customer preferences, finance, marketing, sales, and more. Having all information at their fingertips, they can pinpoint the root causes of recurring problems, identify overlooked areas of improvement, optimize operations, personalize the customer experience, and more.

Predictive modeling — a subpart of data analytics that makes it possible to identify patterns in historical data to predict future outcomes or events. Our smart data science solutions enable healthcare providers to recognize patients most in need of surgery, help manufacturing companies detect equipment that will require maintenance in the near future, and more.

Neural networks — a set of algorithms modeled after the human brain that can detect hidden patterns in raw data, group, and classify them, while constantly learning and improving. At Softarex, we build neural network-based applications for sales forecasting, customer research, data validation, risk management, investment portfolio management, computer vision-based software development, and care pathways management.

Our data science engineering services cover:

  • Defining a project’s domain, requirements, and core data to use
  • Selection of AI, ML, and data analysis algorithms to apply in a project
  • Defining approaches to models and data verifications
  • Data sets preparation and data quality check
  • Building a software prototype to validate algorithms and models
  • Neural networks training and data sets preparation
  • Validation, verification, and tuning of algorithms
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