Services: Data Science Engineering

Get the Most out of Your Data

Data science is a cutting-edge technology that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and solutions to process and manage raw data quickly and efficiently.

As a seasoned AI and data science engineering company, Softarex has helped dozens of organizations and companies from healthcare, manufacturing, fintech, and aviation spheres to solve their most daunting business problems quickly and cost-effectively. We build powerful software solutions that help companies bring transparency into their businesses and make more data-driven, smart decisions every day.

Softarex enables companies to get valuable business insights from petabytes of unstructured data applying industry best practices and its own knowledge of modern technologies such as:

Artificial intelligence (AI) — a technology that enables systems to perceive and analyze the environment, solve complex problems and perform human-like tasks. We develop beyond-the-human-intelligence IT solutions that help companies better understand their customers, improve and accelerate decision-making, save time by automating day-to-day operations, eliminate human error, and increase productivity.

Machine learning and deep learning — AI applications that can learn from data, recognize patterns, and make intelligent decisions based on what they have learned. We develop smart solutions powered by machine learning and deep learning algorithms that help our customers monitor processes in real time and react to emergencies quickly. One of such solutions by Softarex is computer vision-based manufacturing management systems that enable production managers to automate, control, and optimize daily operations on the shop floor.

Data analysis — a technology that helps collect and process raw data to draw helpful conclusions from it. Softarex helps companies to make their business data work for them. We develop solutions that unlock valuable insights from customers’ data to ensure informed decision-making, help businesses understand root causes of problems and mitigate risks, streamline operations, personalize the customer experience, and much more.

Predictive modeling — a subpart of data analytics that analyzes patterns in historical data to predict future outcomes or events. At Softarex, we build software solutions that enable healthcare organizations to identify patients most in need of surgery, help manufacturing companies detect machines that will require maintenance in the near future, and more.

Neural networks — a set of algorithms modeled after the human brain that can detect hidden patterns in raw data, group and classify them, and constantly learn and improve. Softarex delivers neural network-based solutions for sales forecasting, customer research, data validation, risk management, investment portfolio management, computer vision-based app development, the adoption of care pathways for patients, and more.

Data science services we provide include:

  • Defining project’s domain, requirements, and core data to use
  • Making a list of AI, ML, and data analysis algorithms to apply in a particular project
  • Defining approaches for models and data verifications
  • Data sets preparation and data quality checking
  • Building a software prototype for algorithms and models validation
  • Neural networks training and data sets preparation
  • Algorithms validation, verification, and tuning

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