Why join Softarex

At Softarex we believe that investing in talents’ well-being is crucial for company performance. Therefore, our primary focus is always on our employees. We encourage their growth and provide a work environment that inspires productivity, promotes initiative, and supports creative thinking.

What We Offer

An opportunity to work on world-changing projects, take part in the development of unique technologies and innovative products, and thus help us fulfill our mission: to make the impossible possible.
Office-based and remote work options, flextime, and fair task assigning for a healthy work-life balance.
Recognition and fair rewards for employee achievements.
Opportunities for professional development: Softarex provides in-house training, conferences, and workshops to help you enhance your skills and become more proficient in your job.
A place on the team of professionals. At Softarex, you will get a chance to work with seasoned specialists and, more importantly, make your own contribution to the company’s success. Whether you're a junior engineer or an architect, a developer or a quality assurance engineer, a designer or a talent manager — you can become an active player on the team.
Learning opportunities: education programs, real-world projects, and more.
Friendly atmosphere in the workplace. Softarex’s talent managers do their best to maintain positive relationships among team members. Softarex regularly organizes corporate events that help boost team spirit and improve communication between employees, which is especially important in today’s world of hybrid working.
Always wanted to get into the IT field and create cutting-edge products that make a difference? Ready to learn fast and not afraid of challenging tasks? Come aboard!
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We support equality in the workplace
Softarex provides equal employment opportunities to all candidates regardless of their gender, age, race, national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or any other social or personal characteristics. All hiring decisions are based solely on merit, potential, and experience.

The company offers healthy and safe working conditions that ensure fair remuneration for good performance and dedication to work.

Working conditions
  • A 5-day, 40-hour workweek
  • 25 calendar days of paid vacation
  • Paid sick leave
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work-from-home and work-from-office options
  • Performance and salary review based on work results for junior and mid-level engineers twice a year
  • Performance and salary review based on work results for senior engineers, team leaders, and project managers once a year
  • Quarterly personal meetings with talent and technical managers
  • Overtime is rare and 100% paid
  • Modern IT infrastructure, a fully equipped office, and the best view of the sunset from our windows
Compensation and benefits
  • Salary, benefits, and bonuses based on employee length of employment and role in the grade-level system
  • Benefits to new hires, especially to those who already have work experience
  • Compensation for medical expenses
  • Bonuses for participation in company development activities
  • Employee grade-level system and a great benefits package based on the length of employment
  • Financial support in case of wedding and childbirth
  • Compensation for English courses
  • And much more.

Softarex Life

🎇Happy birthday to our November birthday boys and girls! Alex, Vanya, Sasha, Sergey Fedorovich, Vlad, Zhenya and Vika! ✨Wishing you lots of happy moments, successful projects and personal achievements! 💛 Thank you for helping the company reach new heights! You are the best! 🙌🏼 Hugs! #anniversary #softarexpeople #softarex #itminsk #it

❗️Softarex is hiring! We are looking for an IT copywriter. Welcome Bonus. We need you! A full-time IT copywriter who is passionate about writing, understands the goals of the IT business, and is genuinely interested in information technology. 👩🏻‍💻Our ideal candidate is fluent in English, has a linguistic diploma, and at least 1-year experience in writing marketing content around software development. Nevertheless, we also consider promising graduates who are full of ideas and ready to learn, grow, and develop. You will be able to grow your expertise both in the marketing and sales departments. ✔️Core responsibilities: • Write copy for blogs, PR, social media accounts, and other marketing channels. • Create case studies, brochures, slides, etc. • Prepare blog articles in collaboration with the marketing team. ✔️General requirements: • Advanced English writing skills are a must. • Excellent written and verbal communications skills. • Willingness and ability to learn quickly. • Ability to write engaging, informative, and fact-based copy. • Strong attention to detail and grammatical accuracy. Would be a plus: 1-2 years of copywriting experience. ➡️To learn more about the position click the link in bio or skype Maria Kozyreva. Why join Softarex? 💫No bureaucracy. All issues from vacation to purchase of equipment are solved quickly and easily via text messages. 💫A nice Welcome Bonus for new hires. 💫Flexible working hours — you can work either remotely or from the office. 💫A cozy, modern office — 24-hour accessible, 5-minute walk from the subway station. 💫Employee benefits package: 25 days of vacation, sick days, medical expenses compensation, etc. 💫Financial support program in case of wedding, childbirth. #itminsk #itbelarus #softarex #softarexpeople #itvacancy

✨We would like to welcome the new hires who joined our team this month! 🙌🏼 Wishing Igor, Nikita, and Igor easy onboarding and a successful career at Softarex! #softarex #softarexpeople #itkharkiv #itkharkov #itbelarus

👨🏼‍💻Today is International Information Security Day. Due to the increasing danger of hacking and cyber attacks, experts began to think about the need for a comprehensive approach to information security. This is how this unofficial holiday came about, the purpose of which is to remind that every user must personally ensure and maintain the protection of information assets and resources. ✊Oleg, Denis and Dima, thank you for professionally standing guard over the company's servers and data! #softarex #softarexpeople #itminsk #itkharkiv #itkharkov #itbelarus #itukraine

📚 Today's book recommendation is from our colleague Igor — Code Complete by Steve McConnell. Although it was first published more than 15 years ago, the book is still a bestseller among developers striving to create high-class software. The lively language and vast number of examples make this book easy-to-read, and the amount of knowledge it provides — invaluable. The updated second edition contains sections on web development, object-oriented development, agile practices, and other issues of today's software engineering. Go ahead and read it, colleagues, if you haven't done it yet! And those of you who have already read it, share your thoughts below! ❤️ Leave comments and don't forget to press 'like'. #softarex #softarexbook #bookit #book #itbook

✨ Happy Thanksgiving Day! Today, our colleagues and clients from the USA are celebrating Thanksgiving Day - the most important family holiday in North America. 💛 Our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! Share the memorable time on this Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones. May this day be a wonderful reminder of the most important things in life! #thanksgivingday #thanksgiving #itcompany #softarexpeople

❗️Talent wanted! Softarex is looking for a ReactJS Developer. Welcome Bonus. We need you! ReactJS Engineer with 1.5+ years of experience in commercial development and an Intermediate level of English. It would be awesome if you are also familiar with: • ECMAScript 6, SASS/LESS • TypeScript • WebSockets experience • WebRTC experience. There are three projects for you to choose from: 🔺 A platform for sports club management and staff tasks automation. 🔺 A mobile app for doctor-patient interactions. It allows doctors and patients to control the treatment process and track progress. 🔺 The digital pharmacy service. It helps make all interactions between pharmacies and their customers easier. Why join Softarex? ✔️ No bureaucracy. All issues from vacation to purchase of equipment are solved quickly and easily via text messages. ✔️ A nice Welcome Bonus for new hires. ✔️ Flexible working hours — you can work either remotely or from the office. ✔️ A cozy, modern office — 24-hour accessible, 5-minute walk from the subway station. ✔️ English courses. In-house training. ✔️ Employee benefits package: 25 days of vacation, sick days, medical expenses compensation, etc. ✔️ Financial support program in case of wedding, childbirth. To learn more about the position click the link in bio. #itminsk #vacancy #softarex #reactjsdeveloper #reactjs

🎉 Happy Work Anniversary! This month we congratulate our 8 wonderful colleagues - Peter, David, Pasha, Vanya, Andrey, Zhenya, Valentin and Pasha. ✨Thank you for being an essential part of Softarex’s success. Your contributions to the development of our company take us to a new level! Your commitment, willingness to do your best at work, flexibility, engagement, and the ability to cope with tasks of any level of complexity are greatly appreciated! 🙌🏼 Share your congratulations in the comments below! #softarexpeople #softarexteam #anniversary #softarex #it #itminsk #codinyoursuccess

❗️Hiring alert! Softarex is looking for a talented and passionate PHP developer to join our team of experienced developers and work on the implementation of challenging and interesting projects. One of such projects is the development of software for comprehensive distance learning. 🧑🏻‍💻 Requirements: 3+ years of experience in web development, solid knowledge of object-oriented programming, understanding of design patterns and SOLID principles, experience with Composer and Intermediate English level (B1). ➡️ Wanna join the Softarex team? Go ahead and take the first step! Follow the link in bio and read the full job description. #softarex #softarexpeople #vacancyphp #php #phpminsk #phpdeveloper

🎈Happy Accountant's Day! Today is International Accounting Day! This holiday is celebrated annually in many countries on November 10. In Ukraine, Accountant's and Auditor's Day is celebrated on July 16, so our specialist Marina is doubly lucky — she celebrates her professional holiday in the summer and on the international day. 🎉 Alla and Marina, congratulations on Accountant's Day, the holiday of the most responsible and pragmatic people! ✨ We highly appreciate your knowledge, hard work, and conscientiousness. You make complex economic calculations understandable. ❤️ Thank you for your attention to detail and commitment, for your experience and ability to handle any assigned tasks perfectly. Keep moving forward! Sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge. May your job bring you joy! We love you and appreciate your work! #softarex #softarexpeople #itminsk #itkharkiv #itkharkov #accountantsday

❗️Softarex is hiring! We are looking for a skilled Node.js (express, socket.io) developer with 2+ years of experience in commercial development, good communication skills and Intermediate level of English. Experience with MongoDB and JavaScript will be a plus. 🙌🏼 Wanna join our team and work on international projects? ➡️ Follow the link in bio to read the full job description. #softarex #softarexpeople #hiring #ithiring #itminsk #js #fullstackjsdeveloper

📚Today's book recommendation is from our colleage Lesha — Herding Cats: A Primer for Programmers Who Lead Programmers by J. Hank Rainwater. Having read this book, as the author said, “You’ll inherit management skills, overload your typical parameters of thinking with new types and meanings and, in general, undergo something like polymorphism with respect to your character. You’ll then have encapsulated a whole new art form in your programmer brain—that of leadership and management”. The book will be interesting to read for everyone involved in IT project management. It's available in the library in the Minsk office. 🙌🏼 Who's already read it — share your thoughts in the comments! #softarex #softarexbook #bookit #book

Softarex Technologies is a dynamically developing company that creates effective IT products. ✨ We are a team of professionals and experts who make the impossible possible! In over 21 years, Softarex has implemented hundreds of projects all over the world! Here are some bright examples of our successful work: 💫 Healthcare systems developed by Softarex are used to provide care to up to 10 million patients in the U.S., 1 million in Italy and 100,000 in the Netherlands per year. Moreover, our value-based healthcare solutions reduce doctor visits by 30% and cut the cost of treatment by 10-15%. Meanwhile, patient satisfaction increases by 15-20%. 💫 The "smart kitchen" solutions by Softarex increase the efficiency of restaurants by 25% by reducing the consumption of products on the leftovers of unsold food. 🙌🏼 Wanna join the team and create technologies that make the world a better place? Let us know! ➡️ Click the LINK IN BIO to learn more about our solutions. #softarexanniversary #codingyoursuccess #itminsk #softarex #softarexpeople

🎒Our colleague Marina packed her backpack and went on a yoga tour to Madeira. The floor is yours, Marina! ✈️ After a five-hour flight from Kiev to Funchal you find yourself in the land of eternal spring on a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean, an autonomous region of Portugal. 💫 Madeira seems to combine everything: the tropical climate in the mountains and red-hot sun on the coast; thousand-year-old laurel forests, eucalyptus trees and sugar canes; waterfalls and beaches with Sahara sand and volcanic lava. 🧘🏻‍♀️ My tour to Madeira, of course, was not about chilling out! Every day I had a yoga practice at dawn with the sound of the ocean and the screams of seagulls, did some basic pranayama and meditated. When you're surrounded by the incredible beauty of nature and like-minded people, you achieve a much deeper attunement with your body and mind, get a new experience and a fresh perspective on everything around you. Listen to the ocean, watch the sunrise, practice yoga, enjoy the sunset, eat 100 kinds of octopus and drink the famous Madeira wine... This island is exactly what you need to recharge your batteries ❤️ #travellingwithsoftarexpeople #softarexpeople #softarex #itkharkiv #itkharkov

Softarex team wishes you a frightfully good night with your loved ones! 👻 Get spooked and have fun tonight! 🎃 Happy Halloween! ⠀ #softarex #softarexpeople #itcompany #itminsk #itbelarus #happyhalloween #haloweentime #halloween

👻 Despite the fact that Halloween is a holiday of the ancient Celts from Ireland and Scotland, the history of which began in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, we enjoy celebrating it every year in our offices! When else can you have so much fun? Dress up as a zombie, ghost, or witch, bite someone's finger off for breakfast? 🎃 Our offices are filled with mystical energy! Swipe right to and enjoy the atmosphere! 👻 Trick or treat?! #boo #halloween #halloweeniscoming #softarex #softarexpeople #itkharkov #itkharkiv #itminsk

💫 Great news on the last workday of October — new specialists have joined Softarex! Bogdan, Dima, Zhenya, Emil and Yaroslav, we are glad to have you on the team! 🎈 We wish you an easy onboarding and a successful career ahead! #softarex #softarexpeople #itminsk #itkharkiv #itkharkov #itpeople

🎈 In October, our colleagues Elia, Oleg Anatolievich, Dima, Vanya and Vlad celebrate their work anniversaries! 💫 Eliеna, we appreciate your sense of responsibility and thank you for your fresh ideas and showing initiative in the workplace! Your optimism and laughter fill everyone around you with positive energy! We wish you to go faster, aim higher, and become stronger! 💫 Oleg Anatolievich, this month you are celebrating your 11th work anniversary in the company! Congratulations! Thank you for your commitment, willingness to help, and your positive attitude that gives us hope! 💫 Dima, we appreciate your contribution to the project, your doing a great job of improving and developing video analytics services, and for always delivering high-quality work! And special thanks to you for your openness! 💫 Vanya, thank you for your efficiency, involvement, friendly attitude to colleagues, and sense of responsibility in the workplace! 💫 Vlad, thank you for doing a great job and being so comfortable to work with! We appreciate your openness to dialogue, honesty, attention to detail, and your always being in touch and ready to help with any problem! Way to go, guys! #anniversary #softarex #softarexpeople #it #peopleinit #kharkiv


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