Expertise: Information Technologies

Software development is the broadest expertise, which allows us to develop solutions for various industries based on a deep understanding of software design and development methods, as well as vast experience in key industries.

We develop software in the following key technological areas:

Cloud computing — the majority of our solutions are cloud-based. When developing them, we use SOA and Microservices approaches.

Mobile applications — today, almost every IT project involves creating a mobile application. Apps are developed for such industries as healthcare, restaurant business, manufacturing, security, banking, and many others. All of them use the cloud to store and process data.

IoT and low level. Almost all modern devices — from cars to energy meters — have Internet access, can transfer data over a network, and be controlled remotely. The development of software for such devices requires solid expertise in a wide range of areas — from developing drivers for operating systems to high-load cloud-based data processing systems.

Over the years, our engineers have developed all kinds of software solutions — from specialized software for testing processors and controllers for Qualcomm (USA) and Hesch (Germany) to a meter reading system for KeepFocus.

The software development process at Softarex follows to standards:
ISO/IEC 25000
ISO 27001

Our portfolio includes a huge number of advanced engineering solutions, such as:

engineering solution

A high-performance remote desktop access system

With real-time remote access to CAD systems. We have also developed drivers for monitors with extensive data compression algorithms and OpenGL function interceptions to send OpenGL commands over the network in real time. Also, this system implements a special algorithm of multithreaded data transfer through a single socket. This allows the most efficient use of the data channel, while maintaining the necessary level of security.

Remote mapping of USB devices

His software allows sharing any devices connected to USB from local computer to remote computer anywhere in the world. It works on Windows and MacOS and supports such devices as webcams, headsets, and printers. The software also allows hot plugging of USB devices and checking of necessary drivers and provides real-time data compression algorithms.

Web-based system for remote control of engineering systems.

The solution is based on the AutoSCADA standard solution and enables working with controllers from different manufacturers. The web server is fully adapted to the work algorithms and embedded in configurable controllers. The system allows instant connection to services without unnecessary financial expenses on the part of the client.

According to the CISQ specification, software source code should possess the following qualitative characteristics:

Micro module

According to the CISQ specification, software source code should possess the following qualitative characteristics:




Performance Efficiency





Each of these qualitative characteristics is defined by a set of measures and rules that should be implemented in software source code. The CISQ concept can be applied to any object-oriented language.

The CISQ defines a total of 88 quality feature measures that define the number of violations for 81 quality rules for 42 quality problems. And for the CISQ security measure (CISQ Security Measure), 19 of the 25 quality problems taken by CISQ developers from the CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration) list are used.

To implement the CISQ concept effectively engineers need to have deep knowledge and understanding of the very concept, as well as be able to use source code quality analysis tools, including Softarex product codeNforcer.

Our engineers participated in the OMG consortium ( as part of the group that developed the ISO/IEC 25000 series of source code quality standards, as well as in the CISQ — Consortium for Information & Software Quality (



When developing software for financial institutions, we pay great attention to information security and data protection. We follow the requirements of the SOC 2 security standard. Our solutions undergo a security check using specialized tools and systems for vulnerability analysis. Read more >>

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