Softarex Robotics Studio

Softarex AI-based Robotics Studio
A Product for Your Business Transformation with AI-based Robotics Solutions


Robotics is the hottest trend in the digital era. Whether you are in healthcare, hospitality, or manufacturing — you can automate boring tasks, boost quality, increase safety, and save money with custom robotics solutions.

Softarex AI-based Robotics and IoT Lab is here to help you. This is a product that we offer to provide you with various robotic systems, IoT systems, and combined systems (robot + IoT) controlled by artificial intelligence. We create these systems using our custom platform, Softarex AI based Robotics and IoT studio, which allows us to design, configure, and operate your own robotics solutions using open-source platforms and frameworks. These platforms and frameworks help us to reduce development costs and time, as well as to connect our robots with existing systems and devices.

With our product, you can transform your business with robots in a cost-effective and adaptable way. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with your robotics needs.

Softarex Robotics Studio

Softarex Robotics Studio

Softarex Robotics and IoT Studio

This is our custom platform that we use to build robotic solutions for various areas and tasks, manage and monitor these solutions.

Software Features

  • Devices Management (cameras, IoT, manipulators, mobile platforms)
  • Computer vision and ML training for custom task
  • User management
  • Mobile application
  • Plgins suppourt

Hardware Features

  • Grippers and mobile platforms from selected suppliers
  • Softarex grippers and mobile platforms
  • Proprietary IoT solutions such as GreenVaro
Softarex Robotics Studio

Softarex Robotics Studio Structure



Databases management, Users and roles management, UI Management 


Hardware Level

Robotics and IoT devices connection and management


AI and ML Training

Web based tool for dataset annotation and training neural networks



  • Visual editor for designing step by step operational scenario for connected devices 
  • Assign neural networks for managing devices


Operational Level

  • Visual editor for designing step by step operational scenario for connected devices 
  • Assign neural networks for managing devices

How we create our products

A global service driven by passion for creativity, our Softarex AI Robotics and IoT Lab are dedicated collaborative workspaces where a diverse network of creators, innovators, engineers and designers participate actively in an iterative prototyping methodology to develop products that create new customer experiences.

We begin from sketches for your ideas and grow your idea to workable prototype which make your vision real and provide abilities for testing your ideas. To make your ideas better and faster we use our research, our proven solutions and expertise which allow to realize any ideas.

Meet Our Robotics Products Managed by Softarex Robotics Studio

Softarex RoboArm

With six degrees of freedom, the Softarex RoboArm can move in any direction and reach any point within a 30-inch radius. It can lift objects up to 2.2 lbs and change its end effectors to suit different tasks.

The Softarex RoboArm is easy to program and control with ROS2 and Moveit, the most advanced software frameworks for robotics. You can use your computer or mobile device to command the arm.

The Softarex RoboArm is versatile and reliable. It is ideal for industrial, educational, research, and entertainment applications.

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Softarex Mobile Platform on wheels

The Softarex Mobile Platform on wheels is a versatile and powerful robotic system capable of performing various tasks in both indoor and outdoor environments. It can be equipped with one or two Softarex RoboArms, each handling payloads of up to 50 kg, enabling collaborative work with humans.

The platform has a touch control panel, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, electric and magnetic safety, and automatic return to the charging station. Additionally, it incorporates a lidar, a video camera, and dust & water protection. The platform supports ROS2 and Moveit, ensuring ease of programming and control.

The Softarex Mobile Platform on wheels is just the thing to satisfy your robotic needs.

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