How it was at IoT Solutions World Congress: part 2

How it was at IoT Solutions World Congress: part 2

Last week we published an article about how we attended IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. But it seemed that it was not enough, and we decided to write another article but dedicated to technical innovations which were presented at this exhibition. And today we would love to share the complex insight from our team.

Let’s give more details to those sessions, speakers, and technical novelties, that in our opinion were the most interesting and notable ones.

After attending the conference we understood that many cases still require the development of custom software solutions for IoT. It is too difficult to cover all cases with many IoT platforms demonstrated on the fair show.

We would like to point out that the event was quite outstanding, with many sections, sessions, and meetings. Unfortunately, we won’t able to visit all of them, therefore we would like to share what we saw and what we liked:

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet: Exploring The World of Connected Enterprises from Business Transformation section on IoT Solutions World Congress 2016

What was it about: Industry 4.0 (aka Industrial IoT or Smart Manufacturing) marries IT with operations technology and creates six overarching opportunities for business transformation. At Deloitte Services, LP they check these transformational plays and their application in manufacturing and distribution, focusing on the impact of Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 on the supply chain and customer engagement.

The speaker from this session on IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 was Mark Cotteleer, Director, Center for Integrated Research from Deloitte Services, LP.

Repair IntelligenceTM — An innovative Application of Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Maintenance from Transportation and Logistics section

What was it about: the automotive sector is transforming. With the innovation of connected and self-driving cars, the automotive maintenance life-cycle is becoming much more complicated. OEMs and after-market service networks are challenged with processing and interpreting larger volumes of high-speed data.

The speaker from this session was Tilak Kasturi, Founder of Predii, Inc.

IoT Environmental Monitoring from Healthcare section on IoT Solutions World Congress 2016

Environmental monitoring broadly covers Air, Noise, Water and Soil monitoring and pollution monitoring. With the rapid increase in mega-cities and hyper-densification of cities, environmental monitoring is not just important but an urgent need. The panel discussed the trends, market segment opportunities and how IoT technology has evolved to discuss the need for continuous monitoring of our environment in a cost-effective way.

The speakers at this session on IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 were from Intel Corporation, Wind River, Nokia, and General Electric Company.

Through this report, we just got another confirmation, that the direction in which we are moving is right. That is why we are very proud to continue developing the great solution for the protection of the environment — GreenVaro — a comprehensively developed environmental monitoring hardware and software system, that is perfect for complex environmental monitoring applications. GreenVaro (Patent Pending Application No. 15/088,658) is based on the latest solutions and technologies that take into account all the necessary information and is not only extremely beneficial and useful to everyone but also makes the world better.

An Innovative Approach Toward The Development With An IoT Platform from Innovation and Technology section

This case study showed an agile approach using a platform for the development of apps that cross-smart water, smart grid, and oil & gas domains. We saw the outcomes of development frozen at the end of a series of 2-week sprints. We were shown how development is first accelerated and fine-tuned by a platform approach that brings to bear semantic modeling, metadata management, heterogeneous data, APIs, and automation.

The speaker at this session on IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 was Teresa Tung, Technology Fellow — Accenture.

Smart Transportation: The New Reality from Transportation and Logistics section

Transportation is getting smarter as the Internet of Moving Things becomes the new reality. Dell Technologies offers the infrastructure to securely distribute analytics from the cloud to the edge, making commercial fleets and supply chains smarter. Learn about real transportation IoT deployments which are digitally transforming businesses to increase operational efficiency, improve customer experiences, reduce risks, and create new revenue models.

The speakers at this session on IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 were from IMS Evolve, Nokia, VMware, and Dell.

A short gif to relieve a bit our serious article

That was only a short list of what we liked. Not to waste your time let’s go to Data Visualization for the Internet of Things from the Smart University Project.


What’s next? Let’s run through Testbeds.

There were 10 different Testbeds in 7 different sections, such as Communication & Control Testbed for Microgrid Applications, Smart Airline Baggage Management, Energy, Information, and Avatars, etc.

Due to the fact that we really pay lots of attention to the development of healthcare software solutions, we will highlight Remote Patient Monitoring. This Testbed was provided by Microsoft and Cognizant.

Cognizant’s Remote Patient Monitoring solution, powered by Microsoft’s Azure Internet-of-Things platform, empowers healthcare providers to transform the patient care relationship while mitigating the challenges impeding innovation and outcomes. Our simple, easy-to-use solution not only helps provide personalized patient care anytime, anywhere but also enables better care team collaboration with a holistic, near real-time. The solution has three core components: a Patient Application, a Care Team Dashboard, and Alerts & Notifications. Cognizant has a proven approach that can help Healthcare get started on identifying the best strategy-guided ideation that is a right fit for the organization.


What else to share? As was mentioned in the previous article, it was our first time at IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. But the first time was not only for us. It was a debut for Huawei company. And instead of a thousand words just look at this video.

Summing up

We hope that in this article we covered all the main and most interesting points. To be honest, we really enjoyed the event, and we hope to come here again next year.