Data Science

Data Science is one of the most promising technology trends that combines mathematics, statistics, programming, and business. It's rapidly developing and penetrating daily life in more and more new and sometimes even surprising ways. Today, Data Science applications are everywhere — machine translation, medical diagnostic, e-mail spam filtering, autocorrect, credit scoring, online shopping.

Softarex harnesses the power of Data Science to help companies extract valuable knowledge from their raw business data sitting on servers and put it to good use. We build intelligent solutions that are bringing additional value across multiple industries — from healthcare and manufacturing to banking and restaurant management.

DietManager: Personalized Diet Plans Generation System

The key to good health is a healthy routine. And good nutrition is an essential part of it. Eating a healthy diet is especially important for patients with conditions such as diabetes, gastritis, or ulcers.

Softarex has built DietManager — AI-powered software that builds custom diet plans and provides personalized nutrition and lifestyle tips based on patient biochemical blood test results.

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Healthcare Predictive Analytics Tool

In medicine, lack of opportunity to anticipate future events, like sudden worsening of patient’s condition, can slow down the treatment process or even lead to irreversible consequences for the patient.

We have developed Healthcare Predictive Analytics Tool powered by machine learning that enables medical professionals to accurately identify patients who may need:

  • surgery within the next 1, 3, and 6 months,
  • hospitalization, or
  • a certain medication.

The use of our system helps detect deterioration in a patient’s condition at the earliest stages possible to take immediate action to reduce risk to their health.

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Equipment Maintenance Management System

Manual equipment and machinery monitoring and further maintenance planning are cumbersome and laborious. Shipyards are looking to automate and speed up these processes and address all occurring problems in a timely manner.

For this project, Softarex has developed an Equipment Maintenance Management System (EMMS) that using computer vision and neural networks analyzes real-time data about the shipyard’s equipment condition and runtime, and notifies staff about the necessary maintenance activities.

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Clinical Trial Analysis System

Manual procedure for clinical trials review of a new medication takes up to 30 days, which results in huge time and money costs and significantly slows down bringing the drug to market.

Therefore, we have developed a Clinical Trial Analysis System powered by artificial intelligence that can automatically process large amounts of data and speed up the review procedure to 2-3 days.

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Skin Analysis System

Some customers have a hard time picking a product that works effectively for their skin problems. Besides, the majority of companies tend to create mass-market, one-size-fits-all products, seeking to meet the needs of the majority of buyers.

Softarex has built a Skin Analysis System — an app that provides personalized recommendations for skincare products based on diagnostics of the user’s skin.

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