Equipment Maintenance Management System

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Equipment Maintenance Management System
Large facilities such as shipyards, automotive manufacturing plants, and aircraft maintenance hangars, have a significant amount of various equipment and machinery: forklifts, production machines, critical support equipment, and IoT devices. And all tasks related to their maintenance and monitoring are usually done manually, which is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive.
Production Monitoring System
Production managers need real-time information about all events on the production floor to timely address any emerging manufacturing problems like production line stoppage, unplanned downtime, quality defects in the manufactured products, inadequate efficiency of processes, low productivity, and many others. However, with old equipment, it’s very difficult to get any data out of production lines other than parts produced per hour.Therefore, there’s an urgent need for industrial monitoring systems that without any modification of the existing equipment would keep track of production areas 24/7 and provide production managers with real-time data on the manufacturing process.
Smart Meter Reading Software
Many people find paying monthly energy bills frustrating and challenging. Owners of standard meters need to take readings manually, which is rather tedious and time-consuming. Besides, this often leads to errors, which later turn into large energy bills. Moreover, in case you forget to submit readings, your supplier will have to send you a bill with an estimated amount of energy spent during the month. These estimates are not always accurate and often lead to shock bills.
HVAC Management System
The recent trend in home automation satisfies the need of today's homeowners for maximum comfort and highly manageable home appliances. Smart home technology transforms a traditional home into a single system that can be easily adjusted according to the user's needs. Apart from lighting, such systems allow homeowners to control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to create a healthy and comfortable living environment, improve air quality, reduce energy consumption and prevent shockingly high utility bills.
Lighting Management Application
One of the first devices homeowners invest in when equipping their smart homes is connected lighting. There are several options on the market that provide automatic lighting control — from Wi-Fi-based light bulbs that you can buy on Amazon to smart switches and dimmers that take place of old switches on the walls.
Meter Reading System
Many traditional meter owners complain that they often receive unexpectedly huge utility bills at the end of the month. Manual data collection does not allow them to constantly monitor utility consumption levels and, if necessary, limit their energy usage, not to mention that it is quite a laborious procedure.Homeowners need an easy-to-use solution to read meters automatically and provide them with real-time data on their utility consumption.
GreenVaro: Complex Environmental Monitoring System
The rapid growth of manufacturing and increasing resource consumption are inevitably affecting the environment. Today, the world around us is polluted with noise, light, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and many other hazardous chemicals. Their impact on human health can lead to respiratory infections, hearing loss, and in the long term cause heart disease, lung cancer, and other critical health conditions.
Smart Meter Reading Application
Some homeowners learn how much energy, gas, and water they have used in a month only when they receive a utility bill. Rising utility costs can affect their ability to keep up with monthly mortgage payments and stick to the budget.Therefore, there’s a need for a solution that would keep homeowners up to date with their consumption and empower them to make smarter utility usage choices to reduce costs.
Water Pump Station Management System
Typically, the demand for water varies day and night, resulting in variable volumes of water and output pressure by water supply stations. For this reason, they are equipped with various pumps capable of different throughput, output pressure, and power consumption. Wise distribution of load between the pumps provides very significant cost savings on electricity bills.Therefore, there's a need for a system that will help reduce costs for water supply stations by remotely monitoring water pump parameters in real-time.


Large facilities such as shipyards, automotive manufacturing plants, and aircraft maintenance hangars, have a significant amount of various equipment and machinery: forklifts, production machines, critical support equipment, and IoT devices. And all tasks related to their maintenance and monitoring are usually done manually, which is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Therefore, they are seeking digital solutions that would help automate all equipment tracking and maintenance tasks, provide real-time insight into machinery condition, and keep staff members informed about any urgent issues.


To help our Client, a major manufacturing company, to tackle this challenge, we have developed a custom cloud-based Equipment Maintenance Management System (EMMS)* for real-time equipment monitoring and maintenance planning.

That’s how it works: EMMS collects data from video cameras, IoT devices, and GPS trackers used to monitor the equipment in real time. Then, using computer vision technology and neural networks, the system processes the obtained information: it recognizes individual machines in the footage by visual markers and determines their run time and condition. And finally, it creates detailed reports showing what maintenance activities should be carried out and based on that sends commands to IoT-powered equipment, creates and assigns tasks to the responsible staff members, and generates voice messages and notifications.

Equipment Maintenance Management System is a distributed system. Its components are deployed on local servers of a facility and on industrial PCs located in places where video cameras are used. The local server component of EMMS provides functionality for real-time equipment monitoring, control, and maintenance management. The part located on industrial PCs is used for visual tracking of different equipment and controlling its usage.

Additionally, EMMS can be used to monitor and analyze staff availability, movements, activity, and behavior, as well as count the number of employees in each zone in real time using hallway view cameras and neural networks. It can help greatly optimize workforce allocation, increase productivity, and facilitate more data-driven maintenance planning decisions.

In addition to the system, Softarex has built a web-based end-user application compatible with iOS and Android tablets. The app is designed to improve communication between staff members involved in the equipment maintenance process.

The structure of the EMMS components is presented below.

* This is a custom solution we have developed for the specific needs of a particular Client. Does it look like it may be a good fit for you? Contact us, and we’ll build a custom solution tailored specifically to your business needs.

Project’s results

Our Equipment Maintenance Management System has brought the following benefits to our Customer’s business:

  • Centralized control of the maintenance of equipment and machinery;
  • Improved maintenance quality;
  • Production equipment and machinery usage control and determining real maintenance needs based on data on their current condition;
  • Cutting-edge AI algorithms for building adaptive maintenance plans based on actual equipment utilization;
  • Real-time critical support equipment state control for collecting information about usage and performance problems to inform staff about maintenance needs immediately;
  • Decreased maintenance time and costs;
  • More informed decision-making.

Technical challenges

  • Real-time processing of video stream from multiple cameras;
  • Development of AI algorithms for building adaptive maintenance plans based on actual  utilization;
  • Development of approaches for collecting data on various equipment using IoT and CV methods.
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