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Fintech is transforming the traditional landscape of financial services, making automation and personalization key drivers of customer satisfaction and business success. Softarex delivers fintech software and related services to enable financial and fintech organizations to make every area of their business and customer service — from digital banking to automated trading — faster and more personalized than ever. Our solutions help companies greatly reduce costs, deliver 24/7 service to their customers, create an outstanding customer experience and build brand loyalty that lasts. To ensure world-class privacy and security of customer data, we develop fintech software in strict compliance with ISO 27001 & SOC 2 standards.

Online banking

Softarex delivers comprehensive fintech software solutions that allow banks to deliver 24/7 online banking services to their customers.


Mobile banking

We develop smart fintech apps that enable our customers to provide convenient and fast mobile banking.

  • white-label mobile apps — fintech apps that can be easily branded and customized to your business.
  • personal finance management features — giving your customers full control over their finances: app users can manage their budgets, finance, bank accounts, and transactions, order financial products and services, set financial goals, track their progress, and a lot more.
  • AI-powered chatbots — intelligent, user-friendly personal financial assistants that can be embedded into your company’s website or app.
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Conversational banking

We build standalone AI fintech chatbots that analyze users’ financial behavior and provide them with highly personalized financial recommendations for investment decisions, financial services, and products, personal finance management, and more.


Software developed by Softarex helps brokerage companies deliver 24/7 technology-driven customer service. Our solutions will enable your customers to manage their accounts, make transactions, and always keep up to date with the latest financial news from the comfort of their device.

Automated investing and trading

  • Robo-advisors. We create modules for robo-advisory platforms that give your clients full control over their personal finances, allowing them to set clear long-term financial goals and achieve them step-by-step, save money and build a successful investment portfolio based on set criteria for timing, risk, and profitability. Such modules include:
    • Online client account;
    • A mobile app of the fund;
    • Client questionnaire, risk profile and personalized product selection;
    • Pension calculator with long-term goal setting;
    • Risk control and portfolio rebalancing;
    • Personal finance management (expense analysis, goal setting, etc.).
  • Algo-trading platforms. Softarex builds smart trading platforms that help traders and trading funds automate arbitrage, options, and speculative trading (intraday, swing, etc.).
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