Computer Vision

Computer vision is the most technologically mature field of artificial intelligence. It enables machines to understand and analyze visual data and, most importantly, draw meaningful conclusions based on what they ‘see’.

Softarex helps companies exploit the potential of computer vision monitoring and analysis to the fullest, turning raw data into their most valuable business asset. We develop intelligent solutions that bring visibility into day-to-day operations and facilitate human-like decision-making across multiple industries — from manufacturing and security to sports and aviation.

Food Production Line Monitoring System

Many restaurants lack automation and real-time visibility into daily operations to detect and solve problems in a timely manner, monitor the quality of food, reduce waste, and improve staff efficiency.

Softarex has developed a Food Monitoring System that allows restaurants to track the entire cooking process in real time — from pre-preparation to final packaging and serving. It can recognize and monitor kitchen tools, equipment, and packaged food items, identify food types, estimate food weight, analyze kitchen staff actions and detect unusual activities in the kitchen.

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License Plate Recognition System

Such issues as ensuring the security of private and public areas, traffic control, and external logistics management require the use of modern technology.

Our computer vision-based License Plate Recognition Software allows users to track vehicles in real time, identify specific vehicles in the footage, detect license plate numbers from different angles, and much more. Moreover, using a cutting-edge dewarping algorithm, the system provides high-quality, clear pictures of vehicle license plates.

Facial Recognition System

The cutting-edge facial recognition technology is everywhere — from iPhones to security systems. It reduces human interaction, improves public safety and security, prevents crimes, and much more.

Softarex has developed a Facial Recognition System. It’s a powerful computer vision-based solution that can accurately detect human faces in still images and video frames, establish people’s identity, and classify people by age, gender, and physical appearance attributes such as face masks in real-time.

Sports Statistics Application

Accurate numbers are the lifeblood of the sports industry. They allow both individual athletes and teams to assess their performance and identify areas for improvement. Therefore, to stay ahead of the competition, sports professionals are investing in robust technology that automatically collects and analyzes sports data and facilitates informed decision-making.

We have built a Sports Statistics Application for real-time AI-driven sports players’ performance tracking. It’s a SaaS web application that uses computer vision technology and deep learning algorithms for video recognition to turn on-field videos uploaded by users into valuable statistics.

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3D Reconstruction System

It’s hard to imagine modern architecture, the design of buildings, vehicles, various devices, video game development, digital maps, and even medicine without 3D modeling technology. It helps to visualize any object and surface more accurately and faster than 2D drawings, check and address any possible issues beforehand, save costs, and optimize materials. At Softarex, we develop smart 3D modeling software for businesses and organizations in any industry  from healthcare and architecture to manufacturing and retail.

Receipt Recognition System

Most of today’s personal finance management solutions require manual entering of information about income and expenses, which is time-consuming and frustrating.

The Receipt Recognition System developed by Softarex allows users to automatically scan cash receipts in images, detect and recognize text, check receipt alignment, and more, thus saving them time and effort on routine tasks.

Room Occupancy Monitoring System

Occupancy monitoring in buildings has always been a useful tool, but during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is a real necessity rather than an option for companies and organizations striving to track and control people flow and building density.

Softarex’s Room Occupancy Monitoring System allows users to monitor the occupancy of rooms in real time by counting and analyzing the number of people in the room, including those entering and exiting it.

Skin Analysis System

Some customers find it difficult to pick an effective product that can help them address their skin issues and concerns. Moreover, most brands focus on making all-in-one, mass production goods trying to satisfy the needs of the majority of customers.

Our Skin Analysis System provides personalized skincare product recommendations based on selfie skin diagnostics to improve customer satisfaction and increase retention.

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Equipment Maintenance Management System

The maintenance of equipment and machinery at large facilities such as dockyards, manufacturing plants, and maintenance hangars is often performed manually, which is time-consuming, laborious, costly, and carries a high risk of human error.

We’ve developed a digital solution that automates all these tedious processes. Our Equipment Maintenance Management System (EMMS) monitors the equipment and machinery in real time, collects data about their condition and runtime, and automatically identifies and plans the necessary maintenance activities.

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COVID-19 Safety Control System

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of passengers and employees, airports need to control mask compliance and social distance in airport areas. However, manual monitoring is time-consuming and distracts staff from more important tasks.

Therefore, Softarex has developed the COVID-19 Safety Control System that automatically identifies mask rules and social distancing violations in the video stream and immediately notifies staff about them.

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Apron Management System

In an attempt to tackle day-to-day apron activities, airports face errors, delays, and congestion through poor collaboration between stakeholders and a lack of processes automation.

Apron Management System developed by Softarex helps airports effectively manage ground operations by keeping them up to date with accurate information on aircraft turnaround, flights, equipment, gates, all emerging issues, and more in real time.

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Agricultural Monitoring Systems

Softarex delivers Agricultural Monitoring Systems for real-time agricultural and forest areas monitoring. Our solutions collect aerial imagery using aircraft, drones, satellites, and various sensors, process it and provide the user with accurate data on crops, yields, soil problems, plant diseases, and much more. Our systems can build high-precision 3D maps using photogrammetry technology, and even make data-driven farming predictions if furnished with neural networks.

Logistics Monitoring Systems

Current-day businesses seek to delegate as many as possible routine tasks to robust digital technology to improve efficiency, free up staff, and reduce costs.

We build robust Logistics Monitoring Systems that help automate and optimize day-to-day logistics operations — warehouse and inventory management, truck loading, real-time vehicle tracking, 24/7 internal and external security monitoring, automated product quality control, customer order processing, and more.

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