FINMATEX: AI-Powered Fintech Platform

It’s a fintech platform that provides brokers, banks, and financial advisers with an extensive suite of technologies for building and managing sophisticated own-branded mobile banking apps for their clients.

Waitbusters: Restaurant Management Platform

Waitbusters is a powerful omnichannel platform for comprehensive, single-hub restaurant management. Its functionality covers everything from online ordering and wait line management to POS integration and SMM.

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Lunareye: AI-Driven Monitoring System

Lunareye is a cloud-based SaaS platform for AI-driven monitoring of physical and cyber systems. Using computer vision and machine learning algorithms, the system processes and analyzes visual data from cameras, sensors, and IoT devices, and provides users with valuable real-time information. It helps improve efficiency, prevents unplanned equipment downtime, and enables smart decision-making.

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GreenVaro: Complex Environmental Monitoring System

We’ve developed a hardware-software system that collects and analyzes up to 14 environmental parameters: air humidity and temperature, carbon dioxide and monoxide levels, atmospheric pressure, and more, and gives the user full control over their environment. They can monitor the dynamics of parameters, check if they comply with the standard values, get useful tips, and more using only their smartphone.

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LifeTrek: Daily Activity Tracking App

LifeTrek automatically tracks all of a user’s movements throughout the day. It collects their photos, reviews, notes, and audio recordings and then creates a complete timeline of their actions. You can use it when traveling, at work, or in your everyday life.

KITCHEN T: Kitchen Management System

It’s a web app that provides restaurant owners with a single place for comprehensive kitchen operations management: menus creation, food preparation monitoring, purchasing control, and more. The app administrator can specify access rights and permissions for each employee. Thanks to the adaptive UI, the app layout changes to both tablets and PCs.

Enetronx: Smart Metering Software

This system automatically reads meters and provides users with real-time data on their electricity, water, and gas consumption. It saves homeowners time and helps make smarter energy choices.

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