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In the coming years, digital technologies — cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile technology, big data, neural networks, machine learning, computer vision, embedded technology, and IoT — are expected to dominate the aviation industry. Companies will continue to invest in mobile-based systems for touchless passenger data processing, remote and cloud-based IT solutions, computer vision-based software for queue monitoring, and COVID-19 safety measures such as mask-wearing and social distancing, the development of systems to control and track aircraft turnaround, and much more.

Softarex leverages deep knowledge of the latest technology and multi-year experience to help companies achieve Airport 4.0 standards. Our state-of-the-art aviation software enables airports to automate aircraft maintenance, optimize crew planning, enhance business relationships, manage airports much more efficiently based on up-to-the-minute data, improve airport security, boost airport retail management and comply with coronavirus preventive measures while maintaining the highest possible level of customer service.


Automated aviation maintenance

We utilize Big Data, embedded technology, and IoT to build airline maintenance software that helps MRO operators digitize and automate maintenance activities to improve aircraft utilization efficiency and reduce maintenance downtime.

HR management systems

Softarex builds software that helps adjust crew planning considering the health status of crew members and reduce HR costs. Such solutions determine the mental health of the crew using emotion analysis algorithms based on computer vision technology and neural network-powered crew questionnaires.

Smart business relations

We develop solutions that automate and bring structure to the system of interaction and mutual settlements among airlines and suppliers using blockchain technology and smart contracts.

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AI-powered airport management

Softarex utilizes the potential of machine learning, advanced analytics, modeling and simulation to develop aviation software that helps airports optimize resource allocation based on real-time airport traffic density data and effectively manage passenger flows. Such solutions can analyze valuable airport data, including flight, terminal, and passenger information, to ensure fast and more informed decision-making in airport key areas:

  • Apron management — collecting and distributing up-to-the-minute data, such systems help airports streamline and optimize apron operations to improve turnaround efficiency, minimize operational costs, and ensure the required level of flight schedule punctuality.
  • Crew scheduling — software that automates and optimizes the scheduling of crew resources to enable an airline to cover all its scheduled flights safely, and cost-effectively.
  • Delay and passenger flow management — analyzing passenger flow in an airport in real time, such solutions help prevent congestion and bottlenecks, optimize resource allocation, streamline day-to-day operations and ensure a smooth passenger journey throughout the airport.
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Automated airport security

We develop AI and Computer Vision-powered aviation security systems that help airport operators ensure high level of airport physical security with no to little human intervention and without engaging additional staff. Our solutions provide the following capabilities:

  • Facial recognition and facial identification,
  • Facial search in a video stream,
  • Multi-threaded search across different video sources and cameras,
  • Monitoring the behavior of large groups of people,
  • Keeping detailed records of people flow through airport areas,
  • Predicting and quick responding to crowds or isolated situations,
  • Identification of potential suspects,
  • Onboarding security using facial recognition,
  • Check-in process monitoring and automation,
  • Emotions recognition, and more.

COVID-19 spread prevention

We develop smart AI-powered COVID-19 regulations compliance monitoring software solutions that help airports ensure the safety and health of staff and passengers.

Social distancing monitoring. Such systems help manage passenger flow at airports, identify social distancing rule violations, and promptly notify staff of them.

Face mask monitoring. We deliver software that can precisely identify face masks of any type and size, triggers alerts if a face mask-wearing violation occurs.

Queue management. Softarex builds software solutions that enable airport operators to monitor queues in real time, automatically identify bottlenecks or overflows, and forecast waiting times for each queue.

AI-based airport retail

Softarex delivers solutions that enable airport retail managers to schedule employee shifts based on store footfall analysis, optimize product placement and store layout, reduce queue waiting times, enhance and personalize the customer experience by analyzing customer emotions, behavior, demographics, and routes.

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