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What Softarex can create for Information Technologies

In a modern world dominated by technology, more and more businesses embrace the power of digital innovation to move faster and smarter towards their goals.

Softarex synergizes its deep knowledge of the latest technology with multi-year experience to deliver effective IT solutions for a wide array of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and energy, e-learning, recruiting, sports, and more. We empower companies to make more informed business decisions, reduce human error, ensure data security, streamline and optimize daily operations, boost customer service, and build a solid reputation that lasts.

If you have unfinished or inefficient software that you want to upgrade and tailor to your business needs, Softarex can help. Our engineers can not only develop IT solutions from scratch but also improve your existing product to boost its productivity and performance.

Cloud computing


Cloud computing — a high-demand technology that allows users to securely store and remotely process data.

Cloud-based solutions developed by Softarex are a great option for companies that seek to reduce costs, build scalable and flexible business processes, prevent cybersecurity breaches, and ensure anytime-anyplace access to business data.

We implement state-of-the-art cloud computing technology in all kinds of solutions ranging from online training software and trading platforms to queue monitoring systems and ventilation management systems.


App development

Applications are an integral part of any business’s digital ecosystem. They help businesses deliver services to customers, perform specific tasks and manage processes remotely and more effectively, and improve customer engagement on the way to brand recognition and a great reputation.

To meet your business needs Softarex engineers can develop different types of applications such as:

  • Mobile apps (iOS, Android) — such solutions, developed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or watches, enable businesses to provide all kinds of services to their customers — from online banking to smart home lighting management.
  • Web apps — accessible via web browsers applications that help businesses improve communication with customers and build brand awareness, be it recruitment app or various apps for management.
  • Desktop apps — designed to be run on a computer device such as a desktop or laptop computer to carry out specific tasks.Moreover, such applications can work in offline mode, which is very convenient when you have poor internet connection.
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Computer vision

Computer vision — a state-of-the-art technology that gives machines the ability to perceive the physical world with 100% accuracy — even more precise than the human eye has.

Softarex builds IT solutions for intellectual monitoring that allow businesses to reduce human error, lower costs and fully automate day-to-day operations.

From real-time production monitoring to remote food measurement — our smart systems can cover everything your business needs.

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SaaS systems

SaaS systems — an innovative way of delivering applications to end-users over the internet on a subscription basis.

We develop software solutions that are a more easy-to-use and convenient alternative to traditional server-based systems because they help reduce time and costs on installation configuration and upgrades, enable on-demand hassle-free scalability, and more.

With our SaaS systems, your services will become even more accessible to your customers while increasing customer satisfaction rates as well as improving their whole experience and driving new ones.


IoT systems

IoT systems — a powerful network of connected physical devices that can collect and exchange data over the internet with no human intervention.

Softarex embraces the potential of IoT-driven automation and connectivity to develop smart IT solutions that help businesses improve staff productivity, reduce human labor, remotely manage daily operations, optimize resource utilization, enhance workplace safety, control physical environments, and more.

Our systems can monitor and analyze the surrounding environment and keep you up to date with any changes in real time.

Embedded systems

Embedded systems — a combination of computer hardware and software designed to perform a specific function. Such solutions are a great choice for businesses that need an Efficient, easy-to-use, durable and affordable solution that has low energy consumption and requires minimal IT maintenance.

Softarex engineers can assist you with building high-performance electronic systems, devices, and low-level components tailored to your business needs.

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