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BPM+ Health COVID-19 Navigator
With thousands of COVID-19-related articles and studies being published every day, it's difficult for healthcare providers and individuals to keep up to date with the latest news, diagnosis, and treatment trends. Therefore, there's a strong need for a comprehensive database that would provide accurate and reliable information on coronavirus...
Value-Based Care Platform
Management of chronic diseases is a challenging process for both patients and healthcare providers that requires ongoing monitoring, supervision, and creating personalized care plans. To achieve greater outcomes, enhance the patient experience, and reduce operational costs, medical professionals seek to adopt new approaches and technology solutions...
Care Management Platform
Healthcare providers daily struggle with paper-based workflows, extensive administrative workload, and disjointed communication. It results in medical errors, unhappy patients, physician burnout, and considerable costs.This underscores the need for an all-in-one digital solution that would automate all routine processes and free up medical staff so that they can perform their primary task — deliver care to patients...
Healthcare Predictive Analytics Tool
In something as complex and people-centric as healthcare, sometimes every minute counts. Each late decision is a missed opportunity to spot signs of deterioration and take immediate action to save a patent's life.Therefore, physicians always need to stay one step ahead of the situation to detect and prevent critical conditions as soon as possible. It would help reduce patient risk, greatly improve outcomes, and lower overall costs...
Skin Analysis System
Despite a wide variety of beauty products on the market, most consumers have a hard time finding an effective skincare product that can help them address their skin problems, be it acne, dry skin, or wrinkles. The thing is that today most major skincare brands focus on making products suitable for everyone.It emphasizes the need for a solution that would help customers get personalized skincare recommendations to choose the products that meet their needs and, thus, save time and money...
Healthcare Document Management Software
More than any other office environment, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare companies are loaded with a massive amount of documents and therefore struggle to manage them effectively and hassle-free as well as comply with strict healthcare data security standards.Moreover, many healthcare providers already have healthcare document management software in place, but struggle with problems they create...
DietManager: Personalized Diet Plans Generation System
Many people know good nutrition helps maintain a healthy weight. But in fact, the benefits of eating healthy go beyond staying fit. Good nutrition can help strengthen the immune system, easily cope with ongoing illnesses, and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke osteoporosis, and some cancers...
EHR and Medical Billing Software
Medical billing and practice management have long been and still are a daunting and time-consuming reality of running a healthcare facility. Many providers suffer from a heavy load of administrative tasks and massive amounts of paperwork required for medical billing.This is where digital technology comes into play. A powerful integration of EHR solutions and medical billing software can help providers fully automate all daily time-consuming operations, ensure anytime, fast access to healthcare and billing information, and lower costs...
Medical Scheduling System
Trying to manage outpatient appointments, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare companies daily struggle with extensive paperwork, a massive amount of incoming calls, and increased frequency of no-shows. Long wait times and always busy phone lines result in a negative patient experience and low retention rates.Healthcare providers need an easy-to-use solution to automate the appointment scheduling process, optimize administrative workflow, minimize non-attendance, and reduce wait times to enhance care delivery and improve communication with patients...
Medical Billing System
Although medical offices are increasingly adopting digital technologies to automate daily processes and increase the quality of patient care, simply getting paid remains one of the biggest challenges for many practices. Healthcare providers daily struggle with denied claims, late patient payments, cumbersome filing of multiple claims individually, and constantly changing CPT codes. Whether the billing process is successful and smooth also depends on the software a practice has in place.The billing system of our Customer, a medical billing organization, lacked the necessary functionality, was unable to process claims quickly, randomly froze, and shut down. It was based on DOS and had not been updated since the initial installation. Therefore, our Customer’s employees, accustomed to Windows programs, found it increasingly difficult to work with...
Automatic Reflex Diagnostics System
It usually takes several days or, in more complicated cases, several weeks from a doctor visit to the administration of treatment. This negatively affects the patient's health and delays treatment, which is especially dangerous in cases of serious diseases, when every minute matters.This is where unconventional diagnosis methods come into play. Powered by computer technology, they allow physicians to find hidden patterns in the human body that lead to disease and prevent serious conditions at the earliest stage possible...


With thousands of COVID-19-related articles and studies being published every day, it’s difficult for healthcare providers and individuals to keep up to date with the latest news, diagnosis, and treatment trends.

Therefore, there’s a strong need for a comprehensive database that would provide accurate and reliable information on coronavirus.


In collaboration with BPM+ HEALTH, Softarex has developed COVID-19 Navigator — an open-source web-based application that navigates users through the latest information on COVID-19: common symptoms, transmission, safety guidelines, prevention, treatment best practices and recommendations, and more.

An app user can select one of five roles — patient, direct care, administration, research, and public health. It helps narrow down the search for articles and studies in the application database.

The articles in the COVID-19 Navigator are divided by topics into 4 main areas of interest: care setting, subject, care process, and research. These are further broken down into multiple, more specific groups. Search results can be filtered by publication type, source, article maturity, and more. It helps improve the user’s browsing experience and the efficiency of search.

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Project’s results

COVID-19 Navigator provides the following benefits:

  • Healthcare providers and individuals can access the most recent and reliable sources of COVID-19 information;
  • The searching process has become much faster and more personalized thanks to predefined roles and filtering;
  • Public awareness of COVID-19 has greatly increased.

The application is available at https://browse.covidnavigator.org/graph

Technical challenges

  • Constantly updating a database of the most reliable COVID-19-related resources;
  • Processing large amounts of data.
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