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Industry 4.0 is set to transform the traditional manufacturing landscape. It is moving companies towards smart manufacturing, where real-time data coupled with digital technology are bringing businesses greater agility, flexibility, and efficiency.

In order to succeed in a constantly changing and highly competitive environment, companies are investing in manufacturing software. High-tech shop floor software solutions allow them to automate and optimize workflows, address production issues head-on while achieving better quality and productivity.

Softarex combines its solid expertise with the potential of computer vision, IoT, cloud computing, embedded technology, and data science to develop state-of-the-art software for manufacturing companies, energy companies, and individuals. Our custom manufacturing software will smooth and accelerate your shift to Industry 4.0, bring more visibility and transparency into your production processes, and help you make more event-based decisions on every aspect of your production from defect prevention to logistics.

We also build user-friendly mobile and web applications that facilitate instant access to the provided services and help our customers meet the expectations of their digitally-savvy consumers.

To enable smooth data transmission and cover a big variety of meters and gateways types we develop software in compliance with the following protocols and standards: ProtocolsDALI, EnOcean, Mbus, Wmbus, Zigbee, HL7, TCP/IP, UDP, SOAP, JSON, SIP, RTP, RTCP, HTTP, FTP.


Object detection and quality control

High product quality is the key to business success and a rock-solid reputation. We deliver manufacturing quality control software that will enable you to solve problems with the manufactured products before they leave the facility. Using Computer vision technology, our solutions accurately detect mistakes and defects and quickly notify staff of them to avoid irregularities in the final product and reduce waste on the way to more sustainable production. The systems’ functionality covers:

  • Product storage — identifying expired products on the shelves and send notifications to the staff;
  • Component presence — checking the presence of components or parts of the product;
  • Dimensional accuracy— measuring the size of the products and assesses their dimensional accuracy within geometric tolerances;
  • Volume measuring — calculating the homogeneous object’s volume and weight;
  • Structural quality — checking the presence or absence of foreign components on products;
  • Labeling control — controlling the alignment and placement of labels, identify incorrect labels;
  • Color monitoring — measuring and controlling the color intensity and spectrum of the manufactured products (using additional equipment);
  • Waste control — counting the number of manufactured products and compare it to the number of spent materials and predicts the number of materials needed for future production.
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Sorting automation

Automated sorting allows manufacturers to eliminate manual work, save time, and increase the accuracy of the sorting process by reducing human error. We develop manufacturing solutions that will take the hassle out of your sorting process. Using optical character recognition and color analysis, our robust systems for automated sorting can identify objects on production lines in the video stream and sort them according to the parameters you specify (e.g. color, packaging labels, etc.).

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Manufacturing & maintenance control

We deliver production tracking software that will help you fully automate production line workflow, timely identify, address and predict production issues, optimize workflow to prevent congestion, and improve workplace safety while reducing costs and human effort. Using a set of cameras and Computer vision technology, our systems can monitor manufacturing and assembling areas in real time, check the condition of machinery and equipment, count and monitor objects on the assembly lines, identify coordinates of the specified device’s parts, control employers’ activity and movements, measure the coordinates of the necessary fragments or parts of the specified machines and save the collected data for future analysis or generate responsive actions, and much more.

Physical security

Physical security software for manufacturing companies developed by Softarex will help you improve the safety of your facilities and employees. Our solutions powered by cutting-edge Computer vision algorithms can monitor production areas in real time, detect suspicious activity, and send alert notifications to the staff. Basic functionality of such systems includes:

  • Face recognition and identification in video streams and photo databases;
  • Multi-threaded search from many video sources and cameras;
  • Detecting people movements and gestures in real time;
  • Monitoring specified areas 24/7 with security alerts: detecting and counting objects, monitoring people behavior, identifying illegal entries, crowd gatherings, loitering, and objects left behind;
  • Searching for specified persons in the video stream and building movement chronology maps.


We build logistics management software solutions that give manufacturing managers full control over daily external and internal logistics operations.

The functionality of such solutions covers:

Warehouse management — solutions that analyze daily workflow and generate reports on employees’ performance based on real-time monitoring of gestures and movements, packaging violations, compliance with regulations on product preparation and storage, and more.

Predictive modeling — software for real-time monitoring of employers’ movements and body parts movements using optical flow and CNN-based body keypoint detection with automated alarming using sound and visual signals.

Vehicle tracking — systems for real-time monitoring of moving objects with alarms in predefined situations. Such solutions can track specified vehicles in the video stream and notify staff of their arrival and departure.

Cargo monitoring and management — software solutions for automated cargo loading and unloading management.

Multi-view 3D reconstruction

It is a state-of-the-art technology that allows the creation of 3D models using a set of 2D images. We apply it to create high-precision prototypes for the manufacturing industry. Our engineers are qualified specialists with solid experience in 3D modeling. To build high-quality 3D models they use photogrammetry and structure from motion technique, the most widely used 3D modeling methods.

Today such trends as smart home, increase in IoT adoption, smart metering, remote monitoring are ushering in a new era of the energy and utilities industry. The future requires greater sustainability, less human intervention, and more resource efficiency.

Softarex delivers custom energy software solutions that help businesses and individuals evaluate environmental parameters, remotely monitor and manage utility infrastructure, control energy consumption, and more.

Remote environmental monitoring. Softarex develops IoT-based solutions that enable users to assess the quality of the physical environment around them and make sure it doesn’t contain any substances that may be hazardous for human health. It’s a hardware-software system for the collection and analysis of up to 14 environmental parameters — from air humidity and atmospheric pressure to toxic gasses.

HVAC and lighting management. We build energy software solutions that help users remotely control and adjust the parameters of their HVAC systems and lighting.

Smart metering. We deliver systems and mobile applications for meter monitoring and management. Our solutions allow remote reading, managing, transmitting, and storing the consumption data from multiple digital metering devices (gas, water, heat, and electricity).

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