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At Softarex We Create Software That Fits Your Business Perfectly

We provide a wide range of software development, UI/UX design, Data Science, Computer Vision, and AI services to create a unique restaurant software that will help your business to achieve greater efficiency and completely reimagine customer experience. We develop cutting-edge restaurant software solutions and kitchen management tools that enable restaurant owners and managers to greatly streamline and automate back-of-house operations, gain real-time visibility into kitchen inventory, continuously monitor the cooking process, track and reduce food waste, improve customer service and build brand loyalty. All our solutions are highly scalable and can be easily customized to our customers’ unique business needs. The next-generation customer is more digitally savvy and expecting a quick and highly personalized experience around every corner. Softarex builds mobile applications and smart AI-powered chatbots that help businesses deliver prompt 24/7 service and make interaction with their customers smooth and effective.


Sales, marketing, and customer care

Restaurant software developed by Softarex enables businesses to create smart and informed marketing strategies, improve customer loyalty, and increase sales. Our solutions feature everything a successful restaurant might need: online/SMS table booking and food ordering, queue management, restaurant POS integration, omnichannel communication, online and QR code menus, KPI management, integration with payment systems, banks, and third-party delivery service providers, no-touch service capabilities (online/QR code menus, contactless delivery, and payment options), and more.

AI-based employee management

Smart AI-based restaurant software solutions enable effective employee management and help tackle day-to-day operations: forecast restaurant demand and make smart and informed staff scheduling decisions, assign tasks to employees, and control their completion, track employee work time, monitor employee movements, gestures, identify and timely address dangerous situations, and more.

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Online ordering

We deliver branded ordering software solutions such as interactive mobile and web applications and smart chatbots that enable food businesses to manage their online orders in one place effectively and offer their customers various options for convenient and simple online food ordering.

Security control and COVID-19 compliance management

We build solutions that help restaurants improve security and adapt their food business to COVID-19 rules and restrictions: predict potential threats by continuously monitoring customers’ emotions and behavior, control staff compliance with safety measures (hand hygiene, mask-wearing, etc.), count the number of people entering/leaving the facility, and more.

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Restaurant inventory management

Such solutions are a smarter and proactive alternative to Excel spreadsheets. Softarex builds robust restaurant inventory software that helps automate inventory tracking, reduce paperwork, save time and minimize human error thanks to the following functionality:

  • Smart calendars — flexible and customizable calendars with attributes like types, number of guests, selected menus, assigned employees, etc.
  • Buying lists — a tool that helps make smart and economical food and beverage purchasing decisions based on forecasted restaurant demand and consumption.

Food quality control

We deliver solutions that help restaurants ensure high quality of food, and significantly reduce food waste. Using computer vision technology and 3D cameras, our systems monitor the cooking process in real time, identify the type and measure the weight and volume of homogeneous products with 95% accuracy, identify foreign components in food, detect the amount of food waste, and more.

Kitchen production management

Softarex builds restaurant software that allows monitoring the cooking process in real time, tracking restaurant operations, creating an unlimited number of kitchen stations, e.g. dessert, sauté, grill, etc., and more.

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