The Right Architecture is a Key to Effective Software 

Softarex balances business goals, budgets, time, technical requirements, and system quality attributes for delivering the best possible solution. Right architecture is a combination of best practices in software design like microservices, design patterns, software source code quality. Rapid changes in technologies require companies to select such approaches which will allow them to stay ahead of competitors for a long time. Companies need to use cloud technologies, AI, Neural networks, big data, mobile, IoT combined in large distributed systems.   

Softarex has developed a significant level of expertise, helping enterprises transform into a digital future. We have deep expertise in modernizing legacy systems, evolutionary, and reactive architectures.

  • Architecture State Assessment and Modernization Strategy development
  • Architecture Design from the ground for big future
  • Data Architecture Design
  • Architecture for MVP
  • Goals identification for AI implementation
  • AI models and algorithms identification
  • Digital Enablement Advisory
  • Processes & Standard Recommendations
  • Architecture design: UML, design patterns, SOA, microservices
Agile & SCRUM


Object-oriented design and analysis, SOA, Microservices, Design patterns, UML, RUP

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