Databases Design

The Right Database Means an Effective Application

Database design is not as simple as it seems. It requires deep knowledge of database theory itself, object-oriented analysis and design, and database tools.

Softarex engineers have extensive experience in developing relational databases and NoSQL databases for working with different data. We begin designing the database by examining the objects with which the future software will interact, defining all types of data, constraints, rules for converting and manipulating data.

Database development at Softarex includes the following stages:

  • Conceptual design
  • Logical design
  • Physical design

Conceptual design

Collecting, analyzing, and preparing data requirements. At this stage our engineers:

  • Analyze data information structure.
  • Identify all data parts. Each part is characterized by user view, information objects and connections between each other, and processes over information objects.
  • Model and integrate all views.

At the end of the stage, we get a conceptual model invariant to the database structure. It is often represented as an entity-relationship model.

Logical design

On this stage we conduct transformation of data requirements into data structures. As a result, we get a DBMS-oriented structure of the database and specifications of application programs. At this stage, databases are often modeled in relation to various DBMSs and models comparative analysis is carried out.

Physical design

Defining data storage features, access methods, developing SQL procedures, stored procedures, triggers and views

It allows us to develop always scalable and reliable databases with fast access to data.

  • Extensive analysis and design before development
  • Deep knowledge of relational and NO SQL databases
  • Understanding in which domain a database will be used
  • Using modern tools for database design, development and optimization
  • Understanding how to optimize databases and SQL queries
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