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Go Mobile, Keep Your Business in Your Pocket 

Implementation of Mobile technologies is one of the most powerful trends in digital transformation. Mobile technologies are used actively in healthcare, manufacturing, retails, restaurants, and many other industries. With mobile technologies it is possible to do much more than simple data filling or reports overview: you can manage and configure equipment, track components on the way to your workshop, you can get real-time information about the state of patients or equipment, control and manage everything. 

Softarex has deep experience across the entire mobile design and development ecosystem, we work with our customers to develop complex Cloud+IoT+Mobile mobile solutions powered by AI and Computer vision. Our mobile solutions for the healthcare sector help thousands of patients to get the most effective care and treatment. Such conversational interfaces like AR, VR, MR, chatbots, can be re-imagined with mobile technologies. Softarex’s engineers are ready to guide you with creating complex mobile products.

  • Frameworks & best practices
  • Mobile-driven digital transformation
  • User-oriented design
  • AR/VR/MR / chatbots/ conversational Interfaces
  • Solid expertise in mobile app development for different industries
  • Cross-platform and native development
  • Security standards compliance
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