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Softarex Delivers Software that Meets All Customer Requirements and Expectations

To deliver the best product in time you need to make all processes run with lightning speed. At Softarex, we provide Agile and Scrum development services to help our customers modernize their current development operations. 

We apply Agile principles in software development to deliver world-class software solutions and drive our clients’ businesses’ success. This is what our slogan CODING YOUR SUCCESS is about. Our approach allows our partners to always stay ahead of the competition.

  • Agile software development
  • Agile and SCRUM implementing into customer’s processes
  • Client’s Success oriented Agile process
  • Agile process verified by tools & reporting
Agile & SCRUM


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Softarex always implements best practices in software development to deliver more reliable and secure products to our customers. When choosing each solution at each stage of the SDLC, we consider the capabilities and risks of the project from both technical and business perspectives.

The initial Planning stage of the SDLC involves staff from the technology, business, and management departments of the company.

The initial Planning stage of the SDLC involves staff from the technology, business, and management departments of the company.

Planning includes the following steps:

  • Business issues are analyzed and converted into engineering problems taking into account multiple factors: cost, performance, functionality, safety, and risk;
  • The scope of the project is assessed, and available resources are determined;
  • Analysis of current business and information technology operations, user/customer analysis, and analysis of project timelines;
  • Defining requirements for security solutions, analyzing the budget for security solutions implementation;
  • Security requirements and budget are approved;
  • The type of data to be protected, possible limitations related to the product environment, and other details are specified;
  • Regulations are taken into account.

This stage can extend over a long period and can include provisions for strategic changes as the SDLC evolves.

Softarex Technologies Inc. uses agile (Agile/Scrum) software development methodologies to minimize risks by dividing the development process into several short cycles (2-4 weeks) called iterations or sprints.

A typical iteration consists of:

The Requirements stage includes:

  • Defining business goals;
  • Analysis of business requirements;
  • Risks assessment based on the Risk Assessment Policy;
  • Analysis of normative requirements, policies, standards;
  • Analysis of interface requirements;
  • Prioritizing the requirements.

Architecture and Design stages cover:

  • Identification of potential risks and identification of mitigating design features;
  • Security risk assessment;
  • Development and/or redesign of infrastructure security architecture;
  • Step-by-step architecture analysis;
  • Selection of internal data representation;
  • Creating an operating system-level security architecture;
  • Cost-benefit analysis of system components;
  • A detailed description of technical security solutions;
  • Regular technical reviews of the application and infrastructure, high-level processes overview.

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